Leaving Gaithersburg, MD for Tampa, FL: what to expect

An interstate relocation is never easy. It is a challenge to organize and prepare and hard to execute. However, moving is a part of life and sometimes you have to do it. In these cases, there are things you can use to help you out. There are also professionals that can lend a hand. But that is not all. You also have to prepare for new things. It is good to know what to expect when you get to your new location. Particularly if you are making a radical change such as leaving Gaithersburg, MD for Tampa.

A world of difference

It is clear that a move from MD to FL means that you will experience a big change. These two states are very different and making a transition can be hard. From the change in weather to almost every other aspect of life, you will have to adapt to the differences. Maryland is a more traditional state with great heritage and history and Gaithersburg is one of the prominent historical sights. This place is quiet and calm and a bit off the beaten path, with rush, and commotion. On the other hand, Florida and Tampa are more dynamic. They are a tourist destination and there is always something happening. Although You can find a quiet place in Tampa is predominantly crowded and always in a rush and commotion. So, it’s clear that there is a lot to prepare and adapt to.

Beach in Tampa
There is much more to Tampa besides beaches and the ocean

What about Tampa

Here are a few things to consider about Tampa. Some you will have to adapt to in due time. Some will be a welcome change.

  • Neighborhoods
  • Cost of living
  • Job Market and schooling
  • Entertainment


Tampa today is a fast-growing city. The economy is booming and this fact is drawing in a lot of people. From young professionals to families and even retirees everyone is interested in moving here. This fact has sparked new development and caused a lot of neighborhoods and suburbs to become popular with people coming in. Some of the best places to settle down in Tampa are Ybor City, Channelside District, Hyde Park, and Seminole Heights. In addition, there are plenty of great suburbs to research and choose from.

Although you can rely on Excalibur Moving and Storage to help you out and make your move and transition easier you have to deal with this change yourself. So, there are a few things that we can point out when making this move. Knowing what to expect will help you deal with issues and prepare you for them in advance. This will not include only what to expect when leaving Gaithersburg, MD for Tampa. It will also incorporate some of the things directly tied to moving interstate.

The cost of living

The cost of living will be a welcome change. First of all, taxes are lower and there is no income tax. This also leads to less expensive living conditions. In fact, although expenses are on the rise in Tampa they are still below the national average. With housing costs being at 11% below this average.

Carreers and schooling

As already stated the economy there is booming. Its growth is higher than the national average. So, job opportunities can be abundant and great making Tampa one of the best places in Florida for work. The top job-providing industries are Healthcare, IT, Digital Marketing, Finance, and supply chain.

Schooling here is also great. The city offers some of the best schools, In addition, it is him to the University of Tampa as well as to the University of South Florida. These provide top-of-the-line education that simply invites people in.

Business center and opportunities when Leaving Gaithersburg, MD for Tampa
Tampa offers a lot of professionals moving to this booming economy

Moving here

Besides what Tampa has to offer there are other things to prepare for when making a move like this. It is the move itself. Interstate moving can be difficult and complex. However, it is doable without any problems provided you have some help. The fact is that you can have an easy transfer with experts that can provide assistance every step of the way. Hiring professionals will help ease your mind and provide the necessary support for completing the move. Movers can help you make your moving plan and schedule. They can provide advice and expert support through your interstate move.

Reputable and experienced movers will in addition provide top-of-the-line help when packing, unpacking, insurance, and transport as well as storage if you need it. However, the execution of your move will predominantly depend on the way you prepare. So, making a moving plan, scheduling, and hiring the right movers are the most important aspects of the move to prepare for. To be clear, an interstate move can be executed DIY. But, professional help is highly advisable in order to ensure the successful completion of the relocation.

Mover in front of a moving van
Find the right movers when leaving Gaithersburg, MD for Tampa.


Tampa has great weather and outdoor spaces. The beaches here are great but that is only a start. Tampa offers a lot of outdoor activities for the entire family. This diversity of things to do is what you have to prepare for when leaving Gaithersburg, MD for Tampa. First of all, Tampa organizes festivals all year round. Gasparilla and Sunset music festivals are just a start. There is also a Margarita and a Cuban sandwich festival. Families can also enjoy some of the many other entertainment options. The Tampa Lowry Park Zoo, History Center, Glazer Children’s museum, and many more. Whole families can also have fun outdoors. There are plenty of parks and nature to enjoy here in the city. Beaches, trails and sports activities, and events are also just some of the things to prepare for and explore.

In short

Leaving Gaithersburg, MD for Tampa can be a big change and a welcome transition. However, there are things that can be overwhelming. So it is good to get to know them in advance so you can prepare for them. Good preparation for these changes will help you adapt and settle in more easily after the move.

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