San Antonio suburbs popular among young professionals from Florida

There are many San Antonio suburbs and we will show you some of the best. But before that, we need to talk a bit about the place itself. Culture and variety flourish in Texas’s most vibrant city, San Antonio. The Alamo and obviously the River Walk and the Alamo are just a couple of the reasons why people from all over the world visit this city. It just so happens that this is one of the largest cities in the United States. It’s easy to understand why San Antonio is so well-liked. With all of these sights and the world’s highest cowboy boot sculpture, it’s simply an amazing place.

Not everyone is prepared to make the long-term commitment required to call a metropolis of more than a million people home. Those searching for a more tranquil lifestyle without giving up access to San Antonio’s attractions may appreciate the suburbs in the area. You should know that suburbs are not only for seniors. They can be amazing for young professionals and families as well. So, let’s check out those San Antonio suburbs that are a perfect fit for the younger crowds.

Live Oak

Young professionals move often, and this place is one of the popular ones. About 19 miles from San Antonio is the town of Live Oak. It used to be farmland. Now this town in Bexar County is a thriving, relatively quiet residential area. But, don’t be mistaken. Even though it’s peaceful it’s still full of job opportunities.  With plenty of playgrounds and parks, sporting fields, and commercial centers nearby, it’s a perfect place for families as well. We all know that many young professionals have little kids so it’s important to make sure that you have a great setting for them as well.  The major shopping district is conveniently located just off Interstate 35. So, you can quickly and easily reach any of your favorite stores. Explore the current housing options now!

one of the suburbs of San Antonio
This area is also great for dog owners.

New Braunfels

Nearly 85,000 people call New Braunfels, Texas, their home, making it the biggest suburb on this list. Among the many things to do in the neighborhood are seeing a show at the old Gruene Hall, taking the kids to the McKenna Children’s Museum, and touring the animal inhabitants of the Snake Farm Zoo and Animal World. It’s simple to understand why so many people decide to make this area their permanent home. There’s simply so much to do. Also, there is plenty of job opportunities. You might find your luxury home here.

Schertz is the most popular one amongst Floridians

Schertz is located near Universal City and that is one of the reasons why young people love it so much. From summertime outdoor movies to a wintertime Holidazzle, it’s clear that community is important in this suburb. Bussey’s Flea Market is a major attraction as well because it is one of the largest flea markets in Texas. You can see as many as 500 exhibitors present every weekend there. We noticed many Floridians live here and have amazing homes with amazing backyards.

a house in Texas
Maybe your dream home is right here.

Timberwood Park

There is a little suburb called Timberwood Park about 30 or so miles from San Antonio. Amazing Hill Country scenery and lots of open space for hiking, biking, and exploring make these communities the stuff of legend. The schools in the area are also top-notch. We noticed that many digital nomads live in this suburb. Also, many big families live here. There are plenty of amenities for all ages. Make sure to research this area. Maybe your future home is here. If you decide that this is the right place for you make sure to call professionals available at to help you out when the time to relocate comes.

Boerne is the furthest away from the city

The 33-mile trip to San Antonio’s pleasant suburb of Boerne is well worth it. It is the furthest away from the city itself but we had to include this suburb in our list. It’s simply amazing.  Boerne is a great area to live in thanks to its low crime rate, excellent schools, and abundance of fantastic dining and shopping options. Many young professionals find this to be the best place of them all. You will also notice that the real estate market is pretty affordable in this area. So, maybe now is a good time to call your real estate agent.

San Antonio
It might be far away from the city but it is still one of the best San Antonio suburbs.

Seguin is our favorite

It’s only right that Seguin, Texas, which boasts the “World’s Largest Pecan,” also has a museum dedicated to nutcrackers. The museum is housed in the famous Pape Pecan Home, which buys and sells locally farmed pecans, and displays around 8,000 nutcrackers from different countries. Seguin is only an attractive suburb that may serve as an excellent new home. The locals are pleasant, the environment is secure, the city is spotless, and getting around is a breeze. However, the average age of the locals is higher than that of the rest of the country. Seguin does not have any universities or other institutions of higher learning, and most events for young people take place outside of town. Nevertheless, it’s likely that today’s young professionals have moved on from all that. To move in here you will need to find adequate assistance. Pros can deal with everything and, luckily, this area has some of San Antonio’s best.

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is a town in Comal County that is about an hour’s drive from the city.  Naturally, the most appealing feature of this suburban area is Canyon Lake. Weekends are never boring when you have the lake to go boating, hiking, swimming, and picnicking at. The town is well-known not just for its beautiful lake, but also for its excellent educational system and pretty low crime rates. See what Canyon Lake has to offer in terms of neighborhoods and dwellings. That’s it for our San Antonio suburbs list. These are our favorites. You should obviously continue your research now but start with the places we showed you first.

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