Why young Floridians love Chinatown, NYC

Are you thinking about leaving Florida and moving to New York City? Younger people are moving more than seniors and there are plenty of reasons why. NYC has 5 boroughs and each one of them is different and unique. If you want to move to Manhattan, it has plenty of neighborhoods. One of them is Chinatown, which is very popular among the young population. What are the reasons why young Floridians love Chinatown, NYC and why is this neighborhood famous and special? Moving long-distance is a big step to take and a challenge. Why should you move and how to move from one state to another? Having a moving guide can help people a lot. To handle the move like a pro and to stay organized.

Reasons why young Floridians love Chinatown, New York City

After moving to New York, many newcomers from Florida have some problems adjusting. But, on the other hand, this city has a lot to offer, and you cannot be bored. Moving to Manhattan may be a big decision to make. Especially because Florida and NY are very different. Not only the costs of living and the weather but also, people are different as well as the lifestyle. Chinatown is the neighborhood of Manhattan, located in Lower Manhattan. The estimated population is near 110,000 but the number of tourists is much higher. It is the area with the largest ethnic Chinese population that is not located in Asia.

Manhattan streets.
Meet Chinatown, NYC and you will see what it has to offer

Why do so many young people want to live in Chinatown, NYC? What this area has to offer them? Here are some of the reasons for moving from Florida to New York City.


There is no question that NYC has a strong economy and a lot of large worldwide known companies are located in Manhattan. Chinatown as part of Manhattan is near everything. Young adults are mostly focused on careers and getting their dream job. NYC has to offer plenty of career opportunities such as marketing, finance, healthcare, art, modeling, advertising, and tech.


Young Floridians love Chinatown because of its entertainment options, celebrities, and dating. This place never sleeps and it is always full of people. You cannot be bored anywhere in Manhattan, especially not in Chinatown. Restaurants, coffee shops, and bars are there where you can have time and spend time with your friends.

Public transportation

It is not a secret that New York City has the best subway system in the world. Forget about driving after moving here. You will waste time and money by buying a car. With public transportation, you can get anywhere. Not only to other places in Manhattan, but also in other boroughs.

Chinese market.
Visit Chinese markets and you will learn a lot about their cuisine

History and culture

First of all, the history of NYC is very long, because one of the first colonies was here. When it comes to Chinatown and the Chinese population –  Ah Ken was the first Chinese who came here, back in 1850. He was a businessman and opened a cigar store. After 20 years, there was around 200 Chinese population.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 allowed Asian immigrants to enter the USA, and after that, the population increased drastically. Chinese culture is rich, amazing, and very interesting – which you can all see after visiting Chinatown, NYC. Many young Floridians love Chinatown because of its unique culture that you cannot get anywhere else.


If you love Chinese food – here you can try traditional food in restaurants owned by Chinese people – so it is authentic. Food can tell a lot about someone’s tradition, lifestyle, history, and culture. You can also visit Chinese grocery stores and try to make something by yourself. On the other hand, some of the best Chinese restaurants are located in Chinatown. Some of them are:

  • August Gatherings
  • Uncle Lou
  • Fried Dumpling
  • Wo Hop
  • Cha Kee
  • Peking Duck House
  • Ping’s
  • Mee Sum Cafe

Prepare for a long-distance relocation

To prepare for moving long-distance with ease, you need to be prepared in advance. Moving to a totally different state is a big challenge to take. But the key is a good organization. For organizing a moving like a pro, ask local professionals at Heart Moving Manhattan for help and moving advice.

Sticky note.
Move from FL to NY with ease

The best way to prepare yourself for moving from one state to another is to create a moving checklist. This list will help you not to forget to do anything. First, start packing on time because this task will take most of the time. Decide what to pack and what to toss. You won’t need all of the items in NYC. Collect enough moving boxes when packing for moving from Florida to New York and make sure that all of the items are protected.

Another important thing to do is to start looking for an apartment in Chinatown. The market is not and be ready for higher prices. The median rent in Chinatown is around $2,300 for a studio apartment. That is probably much higher than the rent in some cities in Florida. This is why many (most) young people live with a roommate in Manhattan.

How to move to Chinatown?

What is the easiest and safest way to move all your items to Chinatown, NYC? Hiring a moving company is one of the best choices. A local mover already has experience with Chinatown relocation. Have nearby pros to help out with moving into your new apartment in Chinatown and start your new life stress-free.

Explore Chinatown

After deciding which state is right for you – FL or NYC – it is time to move to NYC (if you have chosen this city) and explore it. Some of the things you should visit after you arrive are:

  • Bloody Angle
  • Columbus Park
  • Museum of Chinese in America
  • Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Also, get an authentic dim sum meal, take a walk around the neighborhood, and find your new favorite spot. Young Floridians love Chinatown because of its authentic vibe and nice people. Visit Chinatown and you will see it by yourself.

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