Fun things to do in New Tampa

So you are thinking about moving to New Tampa and are wondering what you could do there to occupy your time. There are numerous fun things to do in New Tampa.

Fun things to do in New Tampa for nature lovers

Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Reserve

Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Reserve offers an array of scenic paths and trails for cyclists or pedestrians to enjoy. In addition to this, for those of you who are moving to Tampa with your family, you should tryout Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Reserve, there are several picnic spots and a playground and zip line in which the kids are sure to enjoy. Not only will a visit to the park allow you to enjoy a peaceful walk or bike ride, but it will also help you recharge your batteries away from the noises of the city, replacing them instead with the sound of birds chirping and leaves rustling in the breeze.

Trees and a path in a forest.
New Tampa is the right place for nature lovers.

Pebble Creek Golf Club

Golf is another outdoor activity you can enjoy in New Tampa, whether you are a pro or a beginner there is a golf course for you. Enjoying a few rounds of golf at the award-winning Pebble Creek Golf Club followed by a drink at one of their pubs might be just the thing for you.

A golf course with green grass and trees.
Playing golf is one of the fun things to do in New Tampa.

The Live Oak Preserve

The Live Oak Preserve in the northern part of New Tampa is also a great place to visit with your family. In addition to a large swimming pool for adults, it offers a shallow children’s water play area with water slides, jacuzzis, tennis courts, a fitness complex with weights and equipment, and a children’s playground. A full day’s fun is almost guaranteed.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island is in the proximity of New Tampa. It is a water theme park which spreads across 30 acres and tends to leave visitors with a big smile on their face after enjoying some of the many water slides or a ride down the lazy river.

And more things to do in New Tampa

There are several locations where you can go boating and fishing. If you like the outdoors, New Tampa will be able to provide entertainment for you. There is also a roller hockey rink in the Corey Lake Isles neighborhood. For more fun things to do in New Tampa or its proximity you can search here.

Nice places to eat in New Tampa

When you finish your search for a reliable moving company in Tampa you should find out where you should eat when you arrive there. Once you complete a day’s activities refresh and fill up your energy reserves at one of the several restaurants on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard which cater to a variety of tastes from American to Asian. If you prefer something a bit more lively than a classic restaurant, you could try out Mr. Dunderbak’s Biergarten and Brewery which offers both German and American food and a beer garden with a large selection of beers and a European feel about it.

A food platter that you could try after exploring fun things to do in New Tampa.
There is an array of restaurants you can visit in New Tampa.

If you are looking for interesting things to do in New Tampa, don’t worry, there are plenty of activities on offer. You should pack your bags and come and see for yourself.

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