Best neighborhoods in Tampa, FL for young professionals

Tampa is considered to be one of the best places to live in as a young professional. It is a lovely town with a lot of things to see and do. More importantly, it is a city where you can do so much business-wise no matter what field of work you are in. But if you are not from Tampa or Florida at all, you might not know which are the best neighborhoods in Tampa for young professionals. And if you are interested to find out just that, you came to the right place. We are here to tell you about the best neighborhoods in Tampa for those who want to move there and start over.

South Tampa

This part of Tampa is very unique. It has a mix of older style homes and new condos. Here is also where a lot of nice neighborhoods are. Hyde Park and Palma Ceia are just two of many neighborhoods in South Tampa. Why these neighborhoods are perfect for young professionals is the fact that you will be living just a short drive away from the downtown business district. You could even ride your bike as the distance isn’t big at all. These neighborhoods are almost suburban. We say almost because you still have all you need very close by.

South Tampa also has a lot to offer to young people who live there. In the center of it, you will find Hype Park Village. It is an urban oasis with a park where you can find shops, bars, and restaurants. It is basically all you need to live nicely and it’s all very close. If you are moving from any city in Florida to Tampa, you will find this part of Tampa to be the most beautiful place.

Tampa business center.
Living in South Tampa gives you that suburban feel yet you will be living very close to the business center of Tampa.

Seminole Heights

With a unique name, Seminole Heights is another great neighborhood in Tampa. It was recently renovated with bungalows but it also has plenty of homes in other styles. It is close to both downtown and the nightlife of Ybor City which is what young people need. But you don’t have to leave your neighborhood to have some fun. There are plenty of restaurants and bars there too. What is great about bars here is that you will be able to try great craft beer.

Even though it is close to downtown, this neighborhood is very quiet and safe. It is a perfect neighborhood in Tampa to move to with your family. It is also perfect for those who are thinking about starting a family in Tampa, FL. There are plenty of great schools nearby and the neighborhood itself is very clean. This is very important if you have children or you are planning to have them. Having your child grow up in dirty surroundings is not a good idea.

Family on the beach.
It is important to live in a good surrounding if you have a family.

Downtown Tampa

Those who love living in the center of all happenings will love living in downtown Tampa. It is basically the center of Tampa where you can find anything you need. There are plenty of new condo buildings where you can rent or even buy an apartment. Living here allows you to get to work easier and faster. You don’t even have to drive, you can walk to work if you live in downtown Tampa.

The downtown Tampa has everything you need, the Tampa Museum, the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, the historic Tampa Theatre, etc. You can also spend your evenings in bars and restaurants where you will be able to meet plenty of other young professionals like yourself. And the best way to stay motivated is to be around people who are working as hard as you are. Cross Country Moving Group is a great moving company that has been moving a lot of young professionals to this part of Tampa recently and you could be one of them. 

Downtown Tampa which is one of the best neighborhoods in Tampa for young professionals.
Choosing Downtown Tampa is a good choice.


Do you want to live with an urban feel but without the skyscrapers? If yes, Channelside is the neighborhood for you. This is where the cruise ship terminal is which means that you will constantly be surrounded by people from all over the world. This is amazing for those who are thinking about starting their own small businesses. Tourists are the best customers and as there is a lot of them, your business will grow very fast.

This neighborhood is filled with low rise buildings and condos but also bars, restaurants, and shops. The Tampa Bay History Museum is located nearby and it is definitely a must-see if you move to any of the neighborhoods in Tampa we mentioned. Florida Aquarium is also one of the things you will have in your neighborhood if you live in Channelside. This neighborhood is also where you can find reliable movers in Tampa.

Final words on the best neighborhoods in Tampa for young professionals

No matter where you live in Tampa you will be able to easily access the downtown business district. If you live in Tampa you will also be able to start a successful business that is going to last. Tampa is also very suitable for those who have a family or are thinking about starting one. It’s not just beautiful, it also has a very healthy environment where your children and you can enjoy the nice Floridian weather in the beautiful parks of Tampa as well as restaurants. We can’t forget to mention the beaches either. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida are located in Tampa. You just have to do your best to find out which ones to go to. But after all, why not visit all of them?

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