New York vs Florida, which state is right for you

Comparing the two almost completely different areas like NY and Florida can be a challenging task. Mostly, it cannot be objective. Some people prefer warmer parts while others might enjoy cooler areas. Each to its own. However, there are some obvious and common things that make New York vs Florida at least slightly comparable. The costs, the weather, and the lifestyle can be a good place to start your research.

Tax differences for New York vs Florida example

The overall tax burden for New York is as high as 12.97 percent, while Florida has an overall estimated tax burden of 6.56 percent. Individual rates may vary, but the approximately are:

  • Income taxes – In Florida, residents don’t have a statewide income tax, they only have to pay federal rates. While in New York, state tax rates are 4 percent and greater.
  • Death taxes – New York has an estate tax, which ranges from 3.06 percent to 16 percent. While Florida has no estate tax of its own.
  • Real estate property taxes – The effective real estate property tax rate in New York is 1.68 percent, and in Florida is 0.98 percent.
  • Sales taxes – Total rates are nearly even in both places.

Not everything is in taxes

There are many other differences between the two states. This is important since we can’t look at the general lifestyle and conditions by comparing only taxes.

In New York City

If you are thinking about moving to NY you should know that it is the area that has almost everything that can come to your mind. There are shops, restaurants, services, and many other amenities we use on a daily basis. And, it’s definitely easy to find help for moving since many companies like Dynamic Movers NYC provide their services there.

Cabs on the streets available all the time are benefit when you compare New York vs Florida.
It’s a good thing you can always catch a cab in NY.

Late-night availability

The nightlife in NY is rich and it feels like it’s never-ending. Besides, club and corner stores provide services almost 24/7.

There is no need for cars

It is not necessary to own a car in NY since its subway system and cabs are always working. On the contrary, it’s more of trouble constantly looking for parking and paying all those tickets.

Snow in NY

The truth is, the winter in NY can be really freezing. If you don’t have a car then commuting and walking can be a real problem. But, even if you do own a car, you will have to clean it every morning from frost and snow.

Renting is expensive

It’s not one of the most expensive parts of the world. Yes, it is still possible to find some more affordable options, however, the more urban the part is – the higher is price. Especially if you are targeting Manhattan. So,  planning your relocation budget in advance is a necessary thing.

In Florida

Late-night availability

Florida doesn’t really have some special nightlife and almost everything is closing early. However, the surrounding is much more peaceful than in NY. There is no traffic noise, or loud music, or sirens interrupting you at night. More action can be found in major places like Tampa, but others are usually calm.

Beautiful beach in Florida.
Florida is a great place to enjoy the beach.

You’ll definitely need a car in Florida

It is necessary to have a car in Florida since everything is far. Another thing, the weather is completely different than in NY so it’s not enjoyable to go on foot.

The weather is sunny

It’s pretty hot in Florida during the entire year. Not really great for walking from place to place, but enjoyable for the outdoor enthusiasts. Florida is like a huge vacation spot with many places great for families. Just, there are occasional problems with hurricanes and storms, which doesn’t sound so attractive.

Renting is affordable

Comparing the Florida rents to NY rents, it’s a way cheaper. Comparing to other states, it’s a way cheaper. Yes, you can really find budget-friendly options in Florida.

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