NYC guide for newcomers from Florida

Leaving Florida for the Big Apple is an exciting change in your life. But with that excitement comes the fear of the big bad NYC. After all, no city in Florida is close to New York’s size, and it can be too much to handle. To make your move to New York City stress free, New Tampa Movers has an NYC guide for newcomers from Florida. So, let’s see how you can prepare for the Big Apple. 

NYC guide for newcomers from Florida – expect the cost of living to increase 

As a Floridian, you are used to affordable housing and a low cost of living. But by choosing to come to New York City, you can say goodbye to that comfort in life. Living in NYC has a lot of benefits, but they come with enormous costs. A 2000-dollar-a-month studio apartment, where you can barely move around costs. But as time passes, you will get used to having the kitchen and the bedroom in the same room. As most newcomers to New York City have to. And when you choose that studio apartment in Queens, let trustworthy and quality movers like move you in. They know New York City well and can get you anywhere fast. 

Get ready for rudeness 

We recommend that you get ready for inappropriate comments when simply walking down the streets minding your own business. If you have never been to New York City, you’ve probably seen it in movies. But let us tell you, it’s not movie magic. People will shout obscenities to each other for no reason in New York City. With that said, get ready to toughen up when you arrive to the Big Apple. 

man in black shirt
Our NYC guide for newcomers from Florida will tell you that New Yorkers are very rude sometimes!

Learn the subway system 

When you move to New York City – the subway system will seem impossible to use. But as you spend more time in the city, it will become second nature. You will want to use the subway system because it is cheaper than the yellow taxis or Uber and Lyft. To use the subway, you need to buy a MetroCard. You can get a MetroCard when you enter the subway. There are MetroCard machines. When you get the card, you only need to choose the direction and swipe it on the gate. 

Get better clothes

The biggest difference between New York City and Florida will be the weather. While in Florida, it rarely snows, NYC gets hard snowfall and rain. You will want to invest in some quality rain and snow boots before you arrive. And when you are packing items for the Big Apple, make sure to secure your fragile items so that they don’t break mid-transit.

brown boots
Get warm boots if you want to survive the New York City winter.

You are ready to move to NYC from Florida

If you follow the NYC guide for newcomers from Florida, it will make adjusting to NYC less challenging. But it will become even less complicated when you begin living in NYC full time.

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