Moving Your Elderly Parent from California to Florida

A relocation can either be very simple, a little overwhelming, or a combination of both. It can also be a lengthy process, therefore it’s important to start planning and preparing early on. If you happen to be moving your elderly parent from California to Florida, make sure to assist them in any way possible throughout this experience. As we get older, bigger moves as such can be quite difficult, however with a few moving tips and a solid relocation plan, your parent will be able to enjoy this process and look forward to moving.

Moving from California to Florida

Moving across the country, from one end to the other, is a big step in general. With so much distance to cover and so many elements of relocating to be covered, we suggest that you start with a California to Florida relocation plan. When is your moving date? What is your budget? Will you be hiring a moving company to assist with the move? In general, these are some of the questions to discuss before moving your elderly parent.

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Moving across the country is a big step! Lessen the stress of this experience by planning months ahead.

Once you figure out some of these starting basics, you can plan out the details around the moving timeline. In addition, if your parent has been at their current home for years, it might be tough for them to let go fast. Therefore, start preparing months ahead and help them figure out what they will be packing. Assisting them through this time will make it much less stressful for them, and they can see it as a positive experience.

Moving your elderly parent

Like we mentioned, getting help from a professional crew when moving can definitely make things easier. The important aspect is to start thinking about this well ahead. Reach out to a moving company months ahead to secure a spot for your moving day. For example, get your quote and estimate with, and secure the move. At least this way you don’t have to worry and stress about transferring all your parent’s belongings from California to Florida

An elderly person keeping the hands in the lap and waiting as your parent will do while you are moving your elderly parent.
Assist your elderly parent with their move by helping them plan the relocation.


Whether your parent is downsizing or not, help them with packing and deciding what’s coming and what’s not. Ensure to gather all the necessary packing materials ahead of time to pack more efficiently. Meanwhile, get sturdy boxes that will keep their belongings safe, and ensure to use wrapping for more fragile items. A move from California to Florida covers a lot of miles, therefore it’s important to ensure the least amount of damage to the items being transferred. 

New Chapter

Moving your elderly parent from California to Florida can also be a great bonding experience. Assisting them through this tough but also very exciting experience will mean a lot to them. Knowing that they are also stressing less will make you feel more at ease. All in all, the key is to be prepared and to plan the details ahead of time. Once the basics are covered, the rest of the process will run smoothly and efficiently. Happy moving!

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