How to create a moving checklist?

Moving requires an organization. To arrange everything well, you need to create a moving checklist. Because once you have all in writing, you won’t forget some details that can be easily missed. So, create a moving checklist to keep yourself focused, organized, and on schedule. Here are some tips you can use.

Create a moving checklist

First, you need some time to create a moving checklist. This is an important step, so don’t rush. Besides, once you start to write things down, you’ll realize that moving is a complex process. There are two methods of creating a moving checklist:

  • Create a moving checklist on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Just make sure you design it in the form of the table sheet. Also, you can download various moving checklists templates.
  • Use a notebook and a pen. One of the most visually appealing forms is to make a title and list the things that you have to do under it.

No matter what method you choose, always put a check sign when you are done with a task. If you need additional help, you can use the moving timetable explained.

Paper, pen and watch
You need time to create a moving checklist, so start on time.

What your moving checklist should contain?

Your moving list can’t be just a long list of items to do. It needs to contain several crucial things: 

  • Budget plan
  • The inventory list of your belongings
  • Packing plan
  • Moving dates list.

Once you create a good moving checklist, you’ll be ready for transporting your belongings to another city.

Plan your budget

Before anything else, you need to know how much money moving to Tampa with your family will cost. That’s why you’ve to set up the moving budget. Create a list of all moving costs, make a budget plan and include it in the moving checklist as a first item on the list.

Make an inventory list

Before you do this task, go around your home and sort out. Separate items you will move, throw away, donate or sell. This will have a big impact on your organization, but also on budget. Because companies usually base charge on weight. So, the less stuff you’ve to move, the lower the transportation fees will be. The same thing is when you’re moving by yourself. Fewer items mean you need a smaller truck and less manpower. Once you’re done decluttering, make an inventory of all of your belongings.

Packing plan

Packing is an overwhelming and tiring part of the move. So, you’ve to make a very detailed list. Start with the packing schedule. Plan out what you’ll pack first, and what last. Then, determine the time you’ll spend on packing every day, and stick to it. Next is the list of your packing supplies. Collect all the supplies before you start the packing. You need:

  • Boxes of all sizes
  • Dolly or a hand truck when performing a DIY move
  • Packing material
  • Scissors
  • Tape and ropes
  • Labels or masking tape
Packing material - Include packing material when you crate a moving checklist
Before you start packing, make sure you collect all the necessary supplies.

Create a moving checklist and include important moving dates

Include dates like:

  • The packing schedule
  • The day when packers arrive – if you use this service
  • The date when the movers are coming
  • The moving day
  • The day when your items arrive at your new address.

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