Organizing a move from Pahrump to Tampa in less than a month

Moving from state to state requires time, money, and energy too. But, there is one catch, you have a month or less to prepare for cross country relocation. Is it possible and how to accomplish it? Leaving Nevada for Florida is a big step in life, so make sure you do it right. To prepare for a move from Pahrump to Tampa in 30 days is possible, you only need the right help and a guide to follow.

Have a successful move from Pahrump to Tampa in 30 days

Moving on short notice to another state is a challenge, so you need to start wight now with preparations. The first step is to research and to make a moving checklist. It should include all the things you need to finish before moving. You can create your own list or download one online. Speed up the moving process in Florida and stay calm and organized.

A checklist for a move from Pahrump to Tampa.
Make yourself a checklist and follow it when moving.

Notify your current landlord

Tell your landlord you are moving from Pahrump next month. Depending on your lease, 30 days is enough to break the lease, but in some cases, there is a rule to pay for the next month too. So, read your lease and know your rights and responsibilities.

Search for a new home in Tampa

Tampa is a big city, so choose a neighborhood where to move and find a new home. The average home price is 217,000 and the median rent is $1,100. If you already have a job offer, find a place near your new office, or if you are moving with kids, make sure to choose a safe place with good schools around.

The USA map.
Moving from one state to another in less than a month is possible if you have the right tips

Book a moving company

Start searching for long-distance moving companies as soon as you find out about moving. Choose a company that has experience with moving from Nevada to Florida and that has a license for an interstate relocation. Triple 7 Movers are one of them, so research them and consider them as your moving assistance.

Ask for help

To finish your tasks faster, ask for help. One of the options is to ask your family to help you move. The second option is to hire professional help. Long-distance relocations are complicated and they take a lot of energy. Find locals to help you out with the move and transport all your belongings out of state.

Pack smartly

Purge and declutter when packing and decide what you will move to a new home in FL. Packing usually takes a lot of time, especially if you are moving to Tampa with your family because there are more items to pack. Find the right packing supplies and start packing ASAP. One month is enough time to pack the entire house, just be organized.

Transfer your utilities

When organizing a move from Pahrump to Tampa, don’t forget to schedule and transfer your utilities. Contact your utility companies to let them know you are moving to another state, so you won’t pay double bills.

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