Most common reasons why people move out of Florida

From the outside, Florida might seem like a great place to be. After all, who wouldn’t be attracted by pretty beaches and warm weather. However, living in Florida has its downsides. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have recently been moving out of Florida because of this. So, what are the most common reasons why people move out of Florida? Stick with us to find out.


The first and most common reason why people move out of Florida: safety. A lot of people don’t feel safe living in Florida, and this is most often the reason why they move away. In Florida, there is a constant risk of hurricanes, strong winds and storms. This is a big concern because this kind of weather usually brings a lot of property damage, and the only way to avoid it is by moving away. Although, if you are planning a DIY move, be sure to know how to properly load a moving truckBesides the weather, crime rates have been rising in Florida ever since the IT sector became popular. Theft, specifically, has been on the rise. On top of that, there are many pests, and wild animals tend to invade people’s home. So yes, safety is a big concern for anyone living in Florida.

gray cameras on wall
Safety is the most common reason why people leave Florida.


Public schools are a big factor for any family considering a home. And, unfortunately for Florida, the public schools in the state are below average. While it’s true that Florida tends to rank high when it comes to higher education, its public schools are very lacking. This is only one of the reasons why families have been leaving Florida for other states, besides being concerned with their children’s safety.


Florida is a place where the heat can knock out anyone. Year round, Florida has incredibly high temperatures. And that’s without taking the ridiculous humidity into account. Anyone who’s spent time in Florida will tell you that this sort of heat is unbearable, and it is a well known fact that this heat is the source of many health issues for living in Florida. People with pulmonary issues especially tend to avoid Florida, as the weather aggravates these issues. And even if you’re a completely healthy individual, heat stroke is a constant danger in Florida. If you’re not carefully about protecting yourself it is incredibly easy to just collapse in the heat. And again, this is an issue which can only be solved by moving out of Florida. Experts from note that a lot of people hiring movers out of Florida are moving away because of the heat.

sunny beach
The beaches in Florida may be beautiful, but the heat isn’t worth dealing with.


Florida is a state which survives off of tourism. And it makes sense: because Florida offers a rich nightlife and a lot of clubs, tourists can come here to enjoy the beach and nightlife for a couple weeks and then leave. But, because Florida is so focused on expanding the tourism scene, the cost of life is generally higher than the national average. Besides that, some people just don’t want to constantly put up with tourists. And Florida always has a lot of tourists, wherever you may go. They tend to fill up both public transportation and traffic constantly, so for people who can’t deal with bad traffic this is another deal breaker.

Terrible traffic

The tourists aren’t the only reason why traffic in Florida is horrible. Florida is, according to recent stats, a state with one of the highest pedestrian deaths in the US. This is because, while pedestrians technically do have right of way, drivers in Florida simply don’t care. Speeding and disrespecting traffic laws in Florida is all too common, and it unfortunately shows. There is no way to make it sound nice. While driving or walking in Florida, you’re never safe from crazy drivers. As such, your safest option is to start organizing your cross country move now, and get out of there. But, because of the terrible traffic, a DIY move is not a never a good idea in Florida. Your best call is to hire local movers, people who know how to deal with the traffic, and leave this task to expertsBetter safe that sorry, as they say.

photo of traffic jam
Traffic in Florida is terrible and dangerous, no matter how you look at it.

Few historical landmarks

Among the reasons why people move out of Florida is the fact that there is almost nothing to see in the state. Sure, the nightlife is great and the clubs are good. But when it comes to galleries, museums and historical landmarks there are laughably few. It would take maybe a couple of days to see every single one the state has to offer. Because of this, people who live in Florida have nothing to do, unless they’re interested in what’s offered to the tourists as well. It might seem strange, but this is one of the bigger reasons why people are leaving Florida for other states.

Gun policies

If you ever needed a reason to get out of Florida, then look no further than the state’s gun policies. Hearing of death by shooting in Florida is entirely too common. This happens because, while open carry is banned in the state, concealed carry isn’t. Vehicle carry is also possible even without a license, and expanding on the previous topic of bad traffic, road rage shooting isn’t rare. Also, Florida is a state which holds the “stand your ground” law, which leads to even more issues. So, the best call is to move out and leave this mess behind. But, be sure to know what to ask your local movers when looking to hire a moving company.


Previously, when we talked about safety, we mentioned that animals tend to invade people’s homes in Florida. This isn’t an over exaggeration: people often find wild animals on their property. Walking out into your backyard and finding a massive snake in it, or finding an alligator in your pool, is entirely possible in Florida. This is because with the rise of population, there are more and more subdivisions being built. This leads to smaller habitats for wild animals, and they often come looking for food into cities. There are even reports of bears invading people’s homes and breaking into garages or patios.


Adding to the unavoidable natural occurrences which happen in the state, Florida is a hotbed for sinkholes. Because of the unbearably hot weather, people in Florida use a lot of water. Unfortunately for them, this means pulling more and more water out of the earth. And when the earth gets too dry, it tends to cave in. This is what causes sinkholes. And, according to recent stats, Florida had the most cases of sinkholes forming in the Unites States. This should, obviously, be cause for concern. If you can’t be certain that the land under your feet won’t open up at any moment, how can you feel safe? So, it might be time to start packing your breakablesand prepare to move out.


For those who are concerned about tornadoes, you should know: Florida has the most tornadoes across the US. This is calculated by square mile, and just like with sinkholes, Florida experiences more tornadoes than any other state on a yearly basis. It should be mentioned that these tornadoes aren’t usually as bad as those in other places, but they are still terrifying. While these tornadoes don’t cause as much property damage, they are still more than capable of killing someone who happens to get caught in them.

Is Florida worth it?

So, now that you know why people are leaving Florida, it’s time to ask yourself: is living in Florida worth it? Sure, the state comes with good things. There is no state income tax, there is a lot of natural beauty and a thriving tourism scene. But, are those worth putting up with the risks if living in Florida? Putting aside the terrible traffic and loose gun laws, the natural dangers of being in Florida shouldn’t be ignored. But, only you can decide if you want to live in Florida or not.

Is it time to move out of Florida?

If you’re someone who already lives in Florida, then maybe it’s time to start considering a move out. It should be kept in mind, however, that people who have left Florida usually recommend moving to a spot which feels close to home. Among the popular choices are: California, Texas, Georgia and Tennessee. Of course, no one can tell you where you should move, but be sure to consider all of your options before deciding.


Yes, Florida has a lot of good to offer for people living in the state. But, it is important to know that pretty much all of the good comes with something bad. We hope you found this list of the most common reasons why people move out of Florida helpful, and wish you luck with your decision.

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