Top 4 questions to ask your local movers

Good organization and a precise timetable are a must when moving. Otherwise, your move won’t be a success. Searching for a reliable moving company and asking the right questions is the prime thing. But what are the most important questions to ask your local movers? We’ll go through it together. 

Sure there are other ways to learn things regarding the moving process, pre and post as well. The best online resources to use when moving are available to everyone, which are crucial for having a successful move, and you are only a few clicks away.

1. The most important of all questions to ask your local movers

The first question to ask has to do with avoiding moving scams, a big thing! Before anything, ask your local movers if they are properly licensed and insured. Under no circumstances should you hire a moving company before you find out this. But, how to be sure of their credibility:

  • obtain the name of their insurance company along with the policy number (local movers hold a state license)
  • check if local movers are a part of AMSA
  • check whether movers are members of BBB
Woman covered in a blanket holding a laptop and mug while sitting in the armchair
Do the research to check the level of credibility and reputability of your local movers.

2. Ask if they have any references

As we already suggested, along with experts from in their tips for hiring quality movers, reliable references are found at AMSA. Of course, a living word is another way to check the level of professionalism, so talk to people from your place that have experience with moving. Another possible thing is to require numbers of their last customers and check with them.

3. Ask local movers what their service implies?

There are several types of move, depending on various factors. Consequently, there are different kinds of services that movers offer. Each customer has different needs, and that’s why you need to make sure that your local movers can meet them.

Tell them everything

According to our professionals from New Tampa Movers, you should mention the following: Tell movers whether you’re moving locally, cross-country or interstate. Ask if they offer labor service only or full-fledged moving service. Don’t forget about the nature of your move. Do you have any specific items to move? Something fragile that mustn’t get damaged or oversized objects that need special attention? 

Man looking at the piece of paper while talking on the phone and questioning his local movers
It’s a good idea to write down questions to ask your local movers along with the details on the move.

4. How much is all that gonna cost?

It’s good to get acquainted with the types of moving estimates because, somehow, this one worries most people. Determining the cost is estimated by the hour and weight of your shipment. However, it’s not the same for everyone, and there might be potential extra fees

Choosing the right movers is essential, and answers to these questions should help you arrive at the decision you won’t regret. When the time comes, have a great moving day!

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