Tips for properly loading a moving truck

A moving truck is one of the best ways to transport all your items to a new home. But, how to pack your belongings safely? Loading a moving truck must be done the right way, or your items will be damaged. Having a moving plan, in the beginning, can be the entire process easier and less stressful. And, at the same time, your items will be transported in one piece.

How to load items into a moving vehicle?

If you are renting a moving truck for relocation, you need to know how to handle a move like a pro and how to pack. Here are some simple tips for you to follow.

A process of loading a moving truck.
Ask a couple of friends to help you out with loading a moving truck and unloading too

Figure out what size truck rental you need by separating items you want to move and items you want to toss. Don’t rent a too small or too big moving truck.

  • Get all the right packing equipment and supplies. Think about a moving dolly, moving blankets, get enough moving boxes.
  • You will need help from other people. Carrying, lifting, and loading items into a moving vehicle is not a job for one person. Ask friends to help you out or hire professional movers.
  • Load heavy and big items first into a moving vehicle (mattresses, long mirrors, sofas, etc). Keep the balance in the truck and don’t put all heavy items on one side.
  • Disassemble furniture before moving. Everything that can be disassembled, take into smaller pieces. Bed frames, tables, desks, some chairs; it is much easier to move it that way.
  • Roll up all your rugs before loading a moving truck and of course, don’t move dirty rugs. Clean them and make sure they are completely dry. Also, secured them in plastic wrap.
  • Load lightest items first such as clothing, small appliances, mirrors, etc. Also, leave fragile items for the end. Storing breakables is a delicate job and it requires a lot of attention.
  • Make sure items inside of your moving vehicle cannot be moved around because they can cause damages. Fill holes with some soft items such as clothing and it will give more protection.
A moving dolly.
Get all the moving equipment that will make the process easier and simpler

Hire a full service moving company instead of loading a moving truck yourself

If loading a moving truck is not for you and you are not sure will you be able to do it alone, another solution is to hire a full-service moving company and they will do everything instead of you. From packing, moving, loading, and unloading items. This way, you don’t have to deal with hard work. But, only if the company is reliable and experienced. Make sure not to hire scammers and to recognize a good moving company.

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