Why are New Yorkers moving to Florida in flocks?

Why are New Yorkers moving to Florida when the Big Apple can offer you more than some state in America? NYC is a place where you can find anything and never have to move. You can get the best museums, plays, and food. So why are New Yorkers going to the Sunshine State? We are here to answer that and if you decide to leave NYC, learn how with the simplest way to organize a move. 

Why are New Yorkers moving to Florida in flocks – the tax 

If you are looking to lower your tax expenses, Florida is a place for you. With no state income tax, the Sunshine State has become one of the most desirable places for seniors. However, younger people are also moving to Florida because they are thinking about their future. In Florida, they can be more financially stable in their later years. That alleviates the stress that comes with worrying about money. So if you want to forget about money worries and move to Florida, look for certified assistance – local NYC movers can assist you. They will handle all of your relocation needs and get you into Florida in no time. 

an image of one dollar bills
To not burn all of your money on takes move to Florida.

Florida is a lot more affordable than New York 

The second reason why New Yorkers are moving to Florida is because of the living expenses. NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world – for the cost of living, it has a lot to offer. However, Florida is not as abundant in opportunities as New York City, but you can live a better life in Florida with a lesser salary. 

New York City can be even thirty percent more expensive than some cities in Florida. If you have a high-paying job, you can probably live comfortably in NYC. But in Florida, you can work less and not worry about paying your bills. So, learn how to protect your furniture during the move and come to Florida. 

Why are New Yorkers moving to Florida in flocks – real estate 

Whatever business you are in, you can find a good market for it in NYC. From acting to tech, New York City has everything. Because of the abundance of choices, many people are moving to NYC. However, because of it, the cost of real estate in NYC is very high. A studio apartment in places like Manhattan can run you more than a million dollars. But in Florida, for a million dollars, you can buy a whole house where you and your family can relax. So get Capital City Movers NYC to assist you with your move to Florida. Their experts will handle all of your items, pack up your things in NYC and unpack you in the Sunshine State.

an image of a house near a pool
Why are New Yorkers moving to Florida – to buy cheaper houses.


These are our answers to the question – why are New Yorkers moving to Florida in flocks? If the answers seem alluring to you and you want to move to Florida, learn about things to consider before hiring a moving truck. Good luck! 

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