Florida family’s guide to the best places in Idaho

Idaho, generally known as the Gem State, is constantly attracting more and more residents from other states. Additionally, during recent years, the population in this state of excitement has been constantly increasing. Boise, the state’s capital, is one of the first things that makes it a fascinating spot to visit or perhaps call home because it is situated right at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, it offers a wide range of activities, including several family-friendly ones like fishing, kayaking, sightseeing, and more. Overall, there are numerous reasons why Idaho is an excellent place to live. There are also some tips from Florida to Idaho families that you can use. However, it is also a diverse state with a large number of cities, all of which have something special to offer. So, choosing the best places in Idaho can be tricky.

Some of the best places in Idaho you need to see

Idaho has plenty of beautiful places you can see with your family. This state can easily take your breath away if you don’t expect it. With so many things that will offer you. There will also be some hidden gems you can discover as a resident. You need to see these Idaho places

  • Star
  • Kuna
  • Chubbuck
  • Rexburg
  • Hailey

There are many more areas you can explore with your family in Idaho. So do not be pressured in going only to these areas in the state. It is more important to listen to your family’s needs and go from there. You will find the perfect place for all the recruitment they give to you. Just be sure to protect your valuables when moving. So, you will not have to replace them and lose money.

Making a list of the places you need to visit.
Making a list of areas you want to visit and see will help you out.

Star is wealthy with choices

The third-best place to live is in Star, Idaho. Only 9,819 people currently reside there, but that number is beginning to rise as Star is among the Idaho cities with the greatest population growth. You can settle in with locals’ help and be the growth that Star, Idaho is having. The somewhat higher-than-average cost of living in Star, though, means that in order to “Live the Life of Riley,” you’ll need to earn $71,759 per year. Star consistently ranks as one of the wealthiest cities in the state as a result. With almost half of the adult population holding a degree from a college or university and one of the lowest high school dropout rates in Idaho. Star residents are extremely intelligent, and it appears that this intelligence is spreading to the younger generations.

Kuna is small but big at heart

The town’s general cost of living will not break the bank, and there is enough big Idaho entertainment to be found here. This is true as Kuna’s median household income of $69,940/year is the fourth highest in Idaho. If you want to go to Kuna without a job. You will most likely be able to get one there right away, as well as in the surrounding Nampa and Boise areas. Experts are there for you when moving but act quickly when your unemployment is in question. Because if you mess with the area’s excellent unemployment rate. Which is the 6th lowest in the state at 2.4% of the residents won’t be happy. Jokes aside, you will be happy in this beautiful area of Idaho. You and the family will have everything your hearts desire.

Parent with a child in one of the best places in Idaho.
Kuna can give your family everything you need to be happy.

Chubbuck is one of the places in Idaho you need to check out

The strong spirit and outdoor lifestyle of Chubbuck have elevated this 15,301-person town to the upper ranks of the Gem State. Additionally, the fact that this city has one of the lowest living costs in Idaho means that your money will go further here. Just outside of the Pocatello Metropolitan Area, Chubbuck has the 17th-best household median wage to median home price ratio in the state. At $61,440. In Chubbuck, the average cost of a home is $189,600. More importantly, the modest cost of living in Chubbuck gives you the opportunity to spend more money on important things, like having fun with your family at the Festival or any other fun activity.

Young Rexburg is a great choice

Rexburg is ranked as the sixth-best city to live in Idaho by the younger generation. Rexburg is a top destination for singles because it has the state’s youngest median age. What draws the state’s youngest population, and why? Rexburg has a university inside its borders, a crime rate that is 80% below the national average, and a comparatively low cost of living in comparison to the rest of the state. More crucially, Rexburg is so close to Yellowstone and Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park that it will never get boring if you love being outside. But before you relocate to Rexburg, experts advise you to have a job lined up. If you already have it then just make sure that you protect your furniture while moving out. Damage can easily happen when you are in a hurry. Spending some extra time on packing it correctly will pay off.

Young people walking downtown.
Rexburg can be the best choice for a young family. This town’s average age is about 23!

Hailey is one of the places you need to at least visit

Hailey has a huge amount of outdoor activities for both you and your family, as you might assume from an Idaho mountain town. You can engage in any chilly outdoor activity you like while being close to Sawtooth National Forest, including horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. The Sun Valley Resort and Rotarun Ski Area are two ski resorts nearby. In terms of absolute statistics, Hailey is the safest place to live, ranking first for property crime and seventh for violent crime. It is not surprising that people keep moving to Hailey when the top 10% scores for economic indicators in Idaho are included. So, deep clean your storage unit and start packing. You need to throw away items that you don’t use. Pack the belongings you want at your new home.

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