Pro tips for Florida to Idaho family relocation

Not everyone is excited to have a socially active life. Some people just want to have their peace. So in case you’re the second type of person, a simple solution to that would be a Florida to Idaho family relocation. In case you’ve already decided on a course of action, you could make some research on how to organize your move in 6 simple steps. It might really come in handy on your future move. So, if you’re on the go, you should know that proper documentation could spare you the trouble later. We have come up with this list of tips for interstate family relocation that’ll surely help you out.

Great place to raise a family

As the average salary increases every other 2 years in Idaho, people are open to a Florida to Idaho family relocation. Of course, when you have 2 or 3 extra mouths to feed, financial stability is what you’re looking for. Even though those mouths are not really that big, you would want to feed them the best food out there. Especially if you grew up in a poor family not having too many things. Time to make it up to your past self by giving your all to your little ones.

Mother, child and father in a park after Florida to Idaho family relocation.
Help your children to get the opportunities you never had for a better future.

Low crime rate

With one of the U.S. lowest crime rates, Idaho is really a safe and tranquil place to live in. And also, in deep connection to the above-mentioned aspect, it makes it a great place to raise a family. Already decided to make the big step? Packing and storing can give you such a hard time, where portable self-storage comes as a solution. This is why you should look for a convenient solution for extra items on time. The qualities of portable storage should be fast, affordable, safe, and easily accessible space for your items.

Welcoming people

Generally, Idahoans are well-known for promoting a respect culture towards themselves and also towards “outsiders”. And as you’re for sure going to find out very soon, people here are very friendly and welcoming. You might even feel that your family is expanding at some point with the right neighbors next to you. Idahoans will always give you a hand when you are in need. You will learn an important life principle here, the “one random act of kindness at a time”.

Highest homeownership rates in the U.S.

While houses in Florida are far from reach on the real estate market, getting your own place in Boise is more than affordable. The home insurance costs are also very low, which makes Idaho a really cheap place to live in. Why enduring the monthly struggle in Florida just to brag to your family that you’re living the dream? Better be honest with yourself first, and accept the fact that you’re investing way too much money in maintaining an illusory world alive.

Brown house with a porch in front of it.
In the state of Idaho, you can find the highest homeownership rates in the U.S.

Once you’re all packed up, make sure not to neglect labeling boxes properly which is the most important step in organizing an interstate location. Once you’ve arrived here it’s gonna be so much easier to get your stuff out of the boxes in an orderly manner, instead of trying to remember which is which.

A paradise for nature lovers

This alone should be good enough of a reason for a Florida to Idaho family relocation. Your health should be your number one priority, from an early age. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can engage yourself in, such as hiking, trail running, and mountain jogging. Taking care of yourself and your body is going to pay off later, so make sure you are not neglecting your personal wellbeing.

Extremely low unemployment rate

There are so many job opportunities around here, that Idaho is actually the leading U.S. state when it comes to the unemployment rate. This means that either you have already found a job or you’re taking a chance by relocating here, you will never starve. From this perspective, Idaho is really a winning lottery ticket. You shouldn’t hesitate to seek additional relocation advice from the moving experts at They are taking great pride in their reputation and will for sure not fail you. 

French bulldog sleeping under a blanket.
Find a reliable moving company that can also transport your furry companion in safe conditions.

Breathtaking scenery and beautiful landscapes

In case you were living under the impression that Idaho is only a plain desert, think again. There are plenty of beautiful mountains around here. The biggest summit of the state is Borah Peak. The scenery here is really out of a fairy-tale, which explains why it’s also attractive to many tourists. Idaho is one of the most mountainous places in the U.S. and it has also lots of parks. One of the biggest Midwest attractions close to the Yellowstone National park is the Idaho Falls.

Well-developed highway network

The highway network is very modern in Idaho. It is connecting Boise and other big cities to important regions of the country. The Idaho State Highway is really a great piece of architectural art.

Perfect climate

Maybe after such a long period of living in the Florida oven, you finally want some nice and temperate climate. The summers here are cooler than in Miami, so in case you want to evade the tormenting heat, Idaho is the right place to move to.

Almost there

Florida to Idaho family relocation could be the best decision you’ve ever made. You shouldn’t settle for paying rent all of your life. As we have seen earlier above, becoming a homeowner is more than affordable in Idaho. Set the wheels on motion and give a call to the right people to help you move out. There are very good reasons why you should hire professionals for a cross-country move. You’re not doing this every day, so there’s no need to be stingy regarding something that will definitely decide your fate long-term. You will for sure want to know you’re having competent and reliable people to take care of your belongings.

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