How to protect your furniture while moving out

Everybody knows that packing is the most challenging task of every relocation. And the most difficult item to move is furniture. Furniture is bulky, expensive, and hard to handle. If you lack experience with moving, you can badly damage your furniture and make it unusable. New Tampa Movers will tell you how to protect your furniture while moving out.

Protect your furniture while moving out by creating a list 

The first tip to protect your valuables is to have them organized. To organize your furniture, you only need to write them down in a notebook on your phone. Organize your notes by the type of furniture. You will use the list to not forget any of your furniture pieces and with organizing your packing. 

writing a list to protect your furniture while moving out
A list of your furniture will help you keep everything together.

Clean your furniture before moving 

When you have your furniture listed in an organized list, you can get to cleaning. You can not clean your furniture with any type of cleaning solution. Choose your cleaner carefully. The two best options are mild soap mixed with water and white vinegar mixed with water. When you have your cleaning agents wipe your furniture down gently with a delicate cotton rage. 

Disassembling your furniture 

The third step in protecting your furniture while moving is to disassemble it into smaller pieces. Do not start disassembling process without the right tools and knowledge. You can find information on how to break down each piece of your furniture. But a good rule to follow is to start with the connecting joints of the furniture. And if you need to apply a lot of pressure for a part to break apart, you should leave it. If you have extremely valuable pieces you can look for professionals to disassemble your furniture or pack them in one piece. 

Get reliable moving supplies to protect your furniture while moving out

The fourth step to protecting your furniture is to use good packing supplies. Here are the essential supplies: 

  • Labels
  • Rope
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Plastic bags
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Tape 

Order all the above supplies online, and when they finally come, you can begin packing. 

Packing correctly to protect your furniture while moving out

When all the above steps are complete, you can move on to packing. Grab your packing supplies and parts of your disassembled furniture and start packing. You should wrap your furniture pieces first with packing blankets or packing paper. Using any plastic first on wooden furniture will trap humidity and ruin your pieces. Any larger furniture, like beds, secure with rope in the moving truck to prevent them from moving. If you do not want to handle the packing, professional assistance is available for your furniture. 

mover moving a plant and a chair
To protect your furniture while moving out, leave it to professional movers.


If you follow our steps, you will protect your furniture while moving out without any problems. In addition, you will simplify your whole packing process.

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