Top 3 coastal towns in Florida for retirees


There is probably no better place to retire in America than Florida. With sunny weather all year and all the tax benefits seniors get, where else would you go to spend your golden years? In addition, Florida is very affordable and has reasonable home prices. You will not struggle to buy your retirement home in Florida. But there is one bad thing about the Sunshine State – there are too many great cities where you can live. We can help you narrow your search. New Tampa Movers will recommend the top 3 coastal towns in Florida for retirees.

Top 3 coastal towns in Florida for retirees – Delray Beach 

The first city you should check out is Delray Beach. Delray Beach has around 2 miles of public beaches. The most popular beach in the area is Delray Municipal Beach. Atlantic Avenue is the busiest street in the city where the dining and shopping options are. It is the street where everything happens in Delray Beach, from art events to street festivals. 

If you ever want to catch a concert, go to the Arts Garage. They hold concerts by modern artists, theater shows, and art galleries. But the center of cultural events is The Pineapple Grove Arts District downtown. There you can find cultural organizations and galleries. 

The cost of living in Delray Beach is the same as in Florida, and your retirement home will cost you around 275,000. When it is time to move into your home in Delray Beach, the packing will be the most difficult problem. You should leave the task to skilled people who will secure your items properly, so they arrive at your home in Delray Beach. 

a beach in Delray Beach one of the Top 3 coastal towns in Florida for retirees
You can sunbathe all day on the beautiful beaches of Del Ray.

Check out Fort Lauderdale 

One of the best coastal towns in Florida for retirees is Fort Lauderdale. Since this is another beach town, there are plenty of beaches in Fort Lauderdale. The most popular beaches in the city are Fort Lauderdale Beach. But there are others like Pompano Beach and more. 

But you might not want to spend every day on the beach the city has beautiful parks. Check out Secret Woods Nature Center and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. 

an abstract painting
The places where you can see great art make Fort Lauderdale one of the top 3 coastal towns in Florida for retirees.

For the cultural event, the places you will frequent are Flagler Village, an art district, and The NSU Art Museum. To get to Fort Lauderdale, read about tips for retirees moving to Florida.

Top 3 coastal towns in Florida for retirees – Sarasota

Our final recommendation for coastal towns in Florida for retirees is Sarasota. Sarasota does not lack when it comes to Delray Beach and Fort Lauderdale. It has 12 miles of beaches, and the most popular one is Beer Can Beach. And plenty of avenues to see beautiful modern art and learn about history. So do not hesitate and come to Sarasota but remember to protect your furniture

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