3 main reasons why Floridians love Texas

Floridians love Texas, but what’s there not to love? Texas is an overall great state. People are relocating there daily. Some are searching for better jobs, some prefer the state where there is simply no overcrowdedness, some just really love that southern hospitality. People from New York and California are also hurling here for a new life. Thus, let’s check out some more reasons why Floridians love Texas.

The main among the reasons why Floridians love Texas

Ok, maybe not the main reason but it’s among the top ones. You guessed it, it’s the weather. The weather in Texas is actually harsh and many people can be bothered with a heat that strong, but not Floridians. They are used to similar weather and they simply don’t mind the heat or the humid air sometimes. They actually feel at home.

The food and the southern hospitality

The food in Texas is known to be amazing. People all around the world come to this state to enjoy their southern delicacies. So that reason is obvious. Southern hospitality is something else. Having friendly people and neighbors around you can really improve your lifestyle. Also, it’s easy to fit in when everyone around you is nice and welcoming.

Delicious barbeque, one of the reasons why Floridians love Texas
All the rumors you’ve heard about Texas bbq are true – it’s amazing.

Floridians love Texas, and that’s why they move there

You’ve read it right, they often move to Texas. Relocations for whatever reason are usually a good thing. They give people the opportunity for a fresh start and a better life. But they are hard work. There is so much planning, preparations, logistics, packing, and heavy lifting that goes into relocations that it’s very usual for people to feel stressed about it. The only way to make this relocation easier is to hire movers like heavenlymove.com to help you.

Additional help

Movers can offer you a variety of additional services simply to help you out with all the aspects of moving. For example, the most common thing is needing additional storage for your household items. They can deal with this part of relocation for you so don’t worry about your items’ safety. Your belongings will be waiting safe and sound until you find a place for them.

storage units
Storage units can be quite helpful.

Some great and fun things about Texas

People relocate here for many different reasons which are only natural but here are some universal great and fun things about Texas you should know :

  • It is the second-most populous state in America and yet wherever you go, you have a place to park your car
  • Dr. Pepper was invented here
  • Houston is the largest city, but Austin is the capital
  • Texas uses its own power grid which is amazing
  • More wool comes from the state of Texas than any other state in the US
  • The official nickname of Texas is ”The Lone Star State”.
  • Instead of saying Hello, “Howdy” is the official Texas greeting

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