Leaving Florida for Texas: where to search for your new home

Is it time to move to a new place and you are considering Texas as your new home? If you are leaving Florida for Texas soon, one of the first steps is to choose a place where to move to and of course, to choose a new home. Texas is a big state and because of that, it has many different cities to offer you as a new resident. Moving from state to state is more complicated, especially when it comes to choosing a place to live. Where to start with this process and how to determine if some city is good for you or not. Are you ready or not ready to move to a new city – be sure and make the right decisions.

Looking for a place when leaving Florida for Texas

First of all, be sure about moving out of Florida and about your reasons for making that step. It is normal that people are leaving Florida because of different reasons, job opportunities, family, looking for a new experience, education, etc. Both of these states, Florida and Texas are located in the Southern part of the USA, but they are different states. Be fully prepared for making this step in life and for your long-distance relocation to Texas from Florida.

Which cities in Texas are great for you as a new Texan? Luckily, this state has plenty of options to choose from. Texas and Florida are similar, but on the other hand, they have differences too. Moving to a new state is a big step and picking a new city may be very stressful. The best option is to visit some of these places and to get your own experience there and to see things in person. Researching and exploring on the internet is a good way to start.

A horse on a meadow.
If you want to live on the ranch and be a cowboy, Texas may be for you

Cinco Ranch

If you are considering Houston as your new home, and you want to live in one of the Houston suburbs, Cico Ranch is one of the places to take into consideration. Especially if you are moving with kids from Florida to Texas. Public schools are highly rated, the crime rate is low, and housing is affordable (more than 80 percent of people own a home here).


Coppell is a suburb of Dallas and it offers a good balance between family life and nightlife. Also, DFW airport is very close to this place, so if you are traveling a lot, explore this place as your future home after leaving FL. Dallas-Fort Worth Area is a very popular place for newcomers because it is affordable and the job market is strong.

The Woodlands

The Woodlands is a city that offers residents a dense suburban feel. If you want to buy a house in Texas, this is one of the places for that. Also, it is a very diverse place in TX, here lives kids, young professionals, retirees too. Many people are moving here to raise kids and because of the strong economy and the job market, which are strong reasons for moving.

Texas map and a flag.
Explore Texas before making the final decision about moving


It is a suburb of Dallas with a population of almost 240,000 which is huge for a suburb. It is like a small city where people are friendly and nice. Homes here in Garland are very affordable and the median home price is around $161,000. To move here stress-free, research local companies, and trained people to help you settle in because they know this area the best.

Sugar Land

If you are leaving Florida for Texas for good, Sugar Land is maybe a place for you. It is located in Fort Bend County. Family life is amazing here in Sugar Land with lots of beautiful lakes, cycling, outdoor running, and a city center with many restaurants and coffee shops.

Canyon Creek South

Want to live in a neighborhood in Richardson that is small and quiet? If you do, consider Canyon Creek South especially if you have kids or you are a senior.  About 40% of residents here are families with children because it is a very safe place, family-oriented.

How to choose your new home?

After choosing a city in Texas where to move to, it is time to rent or buy a new house. A moving company will help you move items to a new house. And you’ll easily find the right moving assistance on smallworldmoving.com, but first, of course, you need to pick the house. 

Buying a house after leaving Florida for Texas.
Buy a house in Texas, but know all the steps first

Are you owning a house in Florida now? In the case you do, what will you do with that house, sell it or rent it to tenants? If the house is near the beach, it is a great location for a vacation home. If you are going to staging your Florida household, do some small projects and hire a good real estate agent to help you sell it fast. This way you can sell your home and buy a new one in Texas.

Here are some tips for you on how to find a new house in TX.

  • Set a budget because when leaving Florida for Texas, there are not only transportation costs, and house prices are different.
  • Hire a local real estate agent who already knows the area well.
  • Go inside every room of the house and don’t rely only on photos. If needed, visit a house couple of times.
  • Check electricity and water installations.
  • Know your priorities but be ready for making compromises.


When leaving Florida for Texas, there are so many things to do, but the first task is to choose a place to move to. These were just some of the best examples, but of course, you need to visit some of the places and explore them first. Ask other people (the locals) for the opinion, but also, create your own.

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