Moving to Manatee County? Cities you should check out

Manatee County is one of Floridas Counties. You probably noticed by now that Florida is becoming a hot and trendy place for relocation. Yes, some of the people arriving are retirees since this is a dream place for seniors but more and more young professionals are coming too. People looking for a great place to raise a family also. After deciding that Florida is the place for them people start looking for Counties first and Manatee is looking great! So, we should explore this area a bit more if you plan on moving to Manatee County.

Cities of Manatee County

The hardest part surely must be picking the right city for you and your family. But after doing thorough research on each city it might be easier.

  • Anna Maria
  • Bradenton
  • Bradenton Beach
  • Holmes Beach
  • Palmetto

These cities make Manatee County. They all have one thing in common – beautiful nature which is very characteristic of this state. Also, amazing weather which is very nice considering that you will be living somewhere near the beach. When it comes to relocations, the county is very well-covered with great and friendly local movers, so moving in and settling will not be hard for you at all.

Anna Maria

This is an island actually and it’s the perfect place almost paradise-like full of amazing beaches but also incredible restaurants, coffee shops, local boutiques, and bars. Many people believe that this is a very expansive place, but it’s not really. That is just a rumor. Prices are pretty much close to the national average so, don’t believe the hype and do the research on your own. This place is also known to be the perfect spot for a family vacation, so even if you don’t plan on moving here you should go once with your family there for some nice and relaxing holiday.

palm trees
Just imagine your life on this paradise island.

Bradenton and Bradenton Beach

Because of the name, people tend to confuse these two cities of Manatee County. Bradenton is a city on the Manatee River, south of Tampa. Bradenton Beach is a city on Anna Maria Island. They only have the name in common. Both cities are safe and good for the kids. Bradenton has a high livability score so definitely check it out. If you plan on relocating to one of these two cities you should call to help you out because relocations can be quite hard if you are doing everything on your own.

Holmes Beach

Another city on Anna Maria Island in Manatee County. This place is known as the best spot for a shopping spree. The most popular shops are Westcoast Surf Shop, Sun & Surf Beach Shop, Creations by L, and Restless Natives. This place is not overcrowded, you will have plenty of room to have fun in the neighborhood or to spread around on the beach. That is always a good thing. Holmes Beach is largely residential, with a lot of single-family homes. More than vacation homes so this might be a good place to live, you don’t want to move to a just vacation area.


This is a small town north of Sarasota with a diverse community. This is an amazing place to live and there is so much to see and explore here so give this beautiful town a chance. It’s nice to live in a waterfront community. This city is not on the beach there are 8.61 miles from Palmetto to Bradenton Beach which is the nearest one. Also, this place is becoming very popular amongst seniors and nowadays there is a variety of senior homes to choose from there. So this might be a good place for you if you are looking to retire.

Fun things to explore

And now let’s get to the more interesting part – what to see in this county. There is plenty of things to do and explore here but here are our top pics :

  • DeSoto National Memorial Park ( you can even bring your dog along )
  • The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature ( they have the best laser light shows )
  • Florida Railroad Museum
  • Lake Manatee State Park ( after visiting the lake make sure to come to the park as well )
  • Village of the Arts ( for the more artistic audience )
  • Palma Sola Botanical Park
beach in manatee county
There is so much to see and explore but in the end, the beaches are the best here.

Buying a place of your own prior to moving to Manatee County

Even though prices are reasonable for this state and are pretty similar to the national average it’s never cheap to buy a house. That’s why people usually need help from the bank. After all, that’s the whole point. But know that you need to have a good credit score as well as a down payment of at least 10% in order to get help from the bank. But those are just some basic information you can find online the best course would be to go to your bank and talk about all the options they can offer you.

A person holding money in the hand.
Buying a place of your own won’t be cheap, but the bank will help you out.

Moving to Manatee County

We already mentioned that it might be the best course to call up movers to help you out. Relocations can get very exhausting and there is no need to add more stress to your life. So, hire movers to assist you and do this stress-free. Also, you will be avoiding all that heavy lifting – who needs that? Settling in is a whole different thing. Movers can help you with unpacking and such but you are the one that needs to make your new house a home and explore the neighborhood. It would help a lot if you meet new friends right away. They can also show you cool things you can do in the neighborhood. So, good luck!

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