How to protect your furniture during the move

There’s no doubt that moving is a complex process that requires a lot of planning. It is impossible to perform well without good prep and organization. As such it causes a lot of stress and sleepless nights. With so many things that can go wrong during a move, it is no wonder. Your belongings can get damaged, especially when moving long-distance or overseas. Your furniture can break. You might end up damaging something expensive. With this in mind, it is important to pack your belongings well. As your furniture is the most cumbersome to pack, carry and transport it is important to pack it well. So, let’s see just how to protect your furniture.

Professional assistance to protect your furniture

Moving furniture is hard. Not only due to its weight. It is also big and hard to manipulate. With this in mind, trying to move it yourself is a recipe for disaster. You can easily damage it, break it, or get injured in the process. This is why you should always enlist the help of professional movers to move or store your furniture.

A professional moving crew has the necessary knowledge and experience to handle such cumbersome loads. They know how to disassemble it if needed, how to pack and protect it. Professionals will know just what packing materials to get and how to use them. In addition, they have the equipment to help them handle furniture easily and safely.

Moving crew loading a truck
Getting professionals to pack and protect your furniture is the best option

So, to protect both your furniture and your health you should get professional movers to help. But keep in mind to find and hire the most reliable and reputable moving company. Reputable and experienced movers have the necessary experience and knowledge on how to protect your items and keep it safe. In this way, they can make you sleep better and will relieve your moving stress.

Packing supplies

However, if you want to save some money you can try and do it yourself. As pro movers and packers would advise, you should get the right packing materials for your furniture. Besides getting some boxes for your other belongings you should get the materials to protect your furniture. So, get some:

  • bubble wrap,
  • plastic foil,
  • packing tape,
  • blankets and
  • styrofoam.

Also to ensure the protection of your furniture, get some additional tools for safe manipulation. Get some carrying straps and good-quality gloves to ensure proper manipulation of your items.


Make sure you first disassemble your furniture if possible. For example, you can dismantle your table legs and pack and protect each one individually. Also secure all of the pieces as best you can. You can use moving blankets to wrap each piece and then secure it with plastic wrap.

Scissors, packingtape and bubble wrap
Make sure you get all of the right materials to protect your belongings properly

You can also use thicker cardboard to protect some pieces. Any delicate parts can also be wrapped in bubble wrap and protected with soft materials. Any items that can fit into a box should also be secured by filling materials and styrofoam.

Preparation is essential

So, it is clear just how you can protect your furniture during the move. The safest bet is to hire professionals to handle it. This is the most secure and safe option. But if you want to do it yourself make sure you are prepared. Get the materials and tools that you will need and be very delicate and careful.

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