Why are more Florida businesses expanding to New Jersey

Considering moving a business to another state and NJ is one of your options. If you are still having doubts, research more, know what to expect, and make your business more successful. What are the pros of Florida businesses expanding to New Jersey and why business owners are making this step?

NJ is growing and now it is one of the great places for companies and small family businesses. The goal of every business is to e more successful and to earn more money. Expanding your company and opening a new office in another state is a big step and a big risk. But, it is part of a job. Of course, there are reasons to expand your business to Tampa but explore other states and go big. Let all the USA hear about your company.

Reasons why are more Florida businesses expanding to New Jersey

NJ is becoming a hot stop for businesses. Businesses from Florida are not the only ones who want to have an office in NJ. Some of the companies that opened another office in NJ or completely moved there are:

  • Acadia Pharmaceuticals
  • Arizona Beverages
  • Amazon
  • Biofarma
  • Cross River Bank
  • DHL
  • EY
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Home Depot
  • The RealReal
  • UPS

Besides companies, people are moving to New Jersey as well. Even Tampa are seniors moving to New Jersey not only young professionals looking for a career. The Garden State has an array of outstanding attributes to offer. Taxes are high, and it is one of the cons, but on the other hand, it has a lot of pros.

Educated workforce

One of the reasons why Florida businesses expanding to New Jersey is that NJ has an educated workforce. Young professionals full of new ideas are looking for a career. Having employees you can trust and that know the business, is the most important thing when owning a business.

NYC is near

If you will move to some city near NYC it may be a big advantage. NYC is the financial capital and one of the most popular cities in the USA. Being close to the Big Apple is always a good thing. Florida businesses expanding to New Jersey because NY is too expensive and this is a good replacement.

International airports and seaports

New customers

Expanding a business will bring a lot of new customers. This means you will earn more money. Attract different people, from a different state and let people hear about your business.

Opportunity zones

When expanding your business to another state (in this case to New Jersey), you can target zones of increased opportunity – they are usually recognized as such by the NJ government and have incentives!

Commercial relocation to NJ

After making the final decision, it is time to organize a relocation from FL to NJ. A commercial move is more complicated than a residential one. What is the safest, faster, and easiest way to pack and move an office and to expand it to another state? Hiring professional commercial movers with experience – find help that knows the area already. This way, you won’t lose productivity when moving or expanding your business. Time is money, so you need to work fast and efficiently. 

Hire someone from your team to explore long-distance movers, or do it by yourself. It is not hard. Make sure that the company is licensed and insured. Also, read online moving reviews from past clients and see what they have to say about the company’s services. One of the experienced companies is Superior Moving & Storage. So many options when it comes to professional moving companies, but only a few of them will suit you.

Renting a storage unit

Many businesses need a storage unit – temporary or permanent. There are many types of storage. For example, you can rent a portable storage unit in NJ. This way, you will be able to load all the items in a storage unit and transport the entire storage to a new location. It is a mobile solution for excess items.

Of course, if your office in NJ is too small and you need a space to store goods, office supplies, equipment, and other things, renting a storage unit in a long run is a great option. Keep in mind, that people are more productive in clean, decluttered, and organized spaces. Also, rent for an office is higher than rent for a storage unit. To save more money, consider this option.

Besides hiring professionals for a cross-country move, you can also hire storage services, packing services, cleaning services, etc. Having a team of people you trust is the key to a successful business. Be productive and efficient. Doing everything by yourself is not possible.

More and more Florida businesses expanding to New Jersey because of opportunities and success. Create a good business plan and prepare all the required documentation, including permits. Look forward and find ways to grow as a business. After New Jersey, maybe you will expand to another state. But take step by step. First, choose a location in NJ where to open a business. Such as Atlantic City, Newark, Hoboken, Princeton, etc.

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