5 signs you should call roof inspectors

If you’re a homeowner, you have the responsibility to maintain your house by having roof inspections and fixing repairs. If you need assistance, you should always call a professional roofer. Here are the top 5 signs you should call roof inspectors. 

1. Aging

One of the signs you should call roof inspectors is roof aging. Some of the individual shingles may start to curl up around the edges. Also, they may begin to fall off the roof completely. So, to check this safely, get binocular and look over your roof from the ground. You can see that there are missing shingles if there is exposed black asphalt. So, if you see any of these signs, call roof inspectors right away. These professionals will investigate what’s going on, so you’ll know if you need to consider re-roofing or just a simple repair.

However, if you’re buying a newly built house, this will not be the case since new construction and roof are one of the perks of buying a new house in Florida.

Roof Roofers Repair - Signs you should call roof inspectors
Aging is one of the signs you should call roof inspectors.

2. Granules in gutters and downspouts

Shingles don’t have to curl up or fall off when they age out. They can disintegrate slowly over time. A way to know that this is happening is by checking out your gutters and downspouts. Shingles that are disintegrating will leave granules in both. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof, yet it’s a pretty good sign. Perhaps you only need to replace a few bad shingles. So, call roof inspectors to be sure.

3. Signs you should call roof inspectors – Broken tiles

Even though there are pros and cons of tile roofing, they are holding up better than shingles on a roof. When they begin to wear down, you’ll not see bits of tile in the gutters. Still, you’ll be able to see those who are broken or cracked. Any tiles cracks or breaks will allow water to seep into the roof. That causes widespread damage to your roof structure and your house. So, spotting them is a sign to call roof inspectors to come out and see if the damage has spread.

4. Signs you should call roof inspectors – Roof sag

You can notice this by just standing in the yard and looking at the roof. If you see spots on your roof that are low, it can mean you could have structural damage or foundation problems. In most cases, it’s decking that’s sagging, and you can repair or replace it without replacing the whole roof. Either way, you should call professionals to inspect it. If you don’t do it, you can face significant damage later on and have costly repairs. Then, you may have to search for the best online resources to use for your next move and find another home to move to.

Roof House
Check out if your roof is sagging.

5. Stain on the ceiling

Most likely, you’ll not see a bunch of water pouring from your leak ceiling. Instead, the leak will probably be a slow one, and you will not see any signs until it becomes bigger. Then, you’ll discover a yellow or brown stain on your ceiling, where the water has been spreading. This is a bad sign. So, call a roof inspector to find out where the problem lies. Make sure you get a whole roof inspected to discover if there are any widespread issues. 

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