4 reasons why Texas hospitality companies are expanding to Florida

Texas is an amazing place to have a business in. There are plenty of advantages of doing so. Hence why there are a lot of successful businesses in Texas and plenty of new businesses opening, both already existing ones from other states and completely new businesses. But the same goes for Florida. And there are plenty of companies expanding to Florida. The most common category of companies that are expanding to Florida is the companies that are related to hospitality. Hospitality companies are everywhere. If you are not certain just what they are, here is a short description – hotels and foodservice businesses. These are to be found everywhere and are needed everywhere. So why Texas hospitality companies are expanding to Florida in such large numbers? Here is where you can find out just that. We have done plenty of research and found four reasons why this is so.

So, if planning on expanding or relocating your hospitality business somewhere but yet don’t know where here is where you will find four reasons to expand to Florida. But, we believe that expanding any business to Florida is a good idea.


The first of the four reasons why Texas hospitality companies are expanding to Florida is the fact that both of the two states are very affordable. Both Texas and Florida have similar pricing when it comes to a lot of things. One of the things is commercial property. Which for hospitality businesses is a very important factor. Having a hotel costs a lot of money. There are plenty of expenses besides the real estate ones to cover. Not having to pay too much money for real estate is a huge plus for business owners.

Man holding a wallet.
Similar pricing makes a lot of things easier.

This also means that the pricing for your services can stay the same. You won’t have to raise them in order to meet the standard nor lower them. This will make your business more trustworthy for customers which is very important as there are probably people that are loyal to your company no matter where it is located.

The number of people needing these services

Why so many Texas hospitality companies are expanding to Florida is because of the fact that there are plenty of people in Florida needing these services. Much more than in some other states that might come to mind when thinking of expanding your business. This is because Florida is a popular touristic destination. Not only among people from the States but for people from all over the world. This is because it is one of the best states to vacate in as it is affordable and as there are plenty of options when it comes to where you can go to.

There are plenty of options when it comes to what type of Florida holiday you are looking to have. If you want to have a very fun and exciting vacation, there are dozens of cities to go to such as Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Boca Raton, and other similar places.

But there are plenty of places for people who are just wanting to relax and wind up their mind on a beach with a nice book after a session of golf. This also means that any type of hospitality business is welcome in Florida. Fort Lauderdale is surely a place to consider.

Miami traffic.
A lot of people visit Florida which is why hospitality businesses are always welcome here, especially in bigger cities such as Tampa.

You can be creative

Having a business in this industry is not easy. In order to attract attention, you have to be creative. You also have to either be modern or very retro to attract a large number of customers and clients. And expanding to Florida allows you to do just that. No matter what your business is like, it will surely find a way into many people’s hearts in Florida as there are plenty of people from all over the world not only visiting but moving here as well. At least that is what evolutionmoving.com can say as they move plenty of businesses and homes to Florida every year.

Moving to Florida with your family becomes an option

If you have a business in Florida, you are automatically able to relocate to Florida. Living in Florida with your family is an amazing thing as it is an amazing state to live in. There are plenty of things to see and do here. Your children can go to good schools and grow up in a fun, diverse environment. You can invest in real estate here, open up more businesses. There are plenty of options after moving to Florida.

Mother and child sitting.
Moving with children to Florida is a great idea as well.

Moving your business instead of expanding?

What if you are moving your business, not expanding it? If that is the case, what you need are some tips. The first thing you have to realize is that you can’t do it alone. This is why you have to reach out to professional assistance for the task. The same goes for moving and packing up your business for relocation. There are plenty of moving companies to hire that can help with packing and unpacking as well. Some can even do the planning of the relocation for you.

Is it worth the trouble?

By hiring professional assistance you are avoiding a lot of troubles that might come your way. But settling into your new location might not be as easy as one might think. You have to do plenty of things to keep your business running after relocating even though it is pretty easy to have one in Florida. You can move or expand your business to Tampa, Miami, Orlando, or any other city that is big and think that your business will make it. But you have to put in the effort. Marketing is key, but that is a topic for another time.

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