Quick guide to the types of moving estimates

There are a few different types of moving estimates but before telling you what kind there is. It is important to know what exactly a moving estimate is. I’m going to be as short as possible. A moving estimate is a tool that you use to see how much your relocation will cost you. They are different types but every single one will show you that. Some will be more accurate than others and it all depends on how much belongings you have to move. So it would be good to declutter before moving so you will pay less for the relocation. By knowing how much your moving will cost even approximately you can better prepare for the relocation and plan your budget better. Here are the three most know estimates for moving.

Non-Binding estimate for your relocation

These types of moving estimates are the best for only informational purposes because they can be very inaccurate. It will only tell you approximately how much it will cost you which is usually a good indicator but sometimes not that accurate. If you want there are always online calculators for you to use.

But don’t sign any papers with only this estimate. When you don’t know the exact price because no one measured and weighted your belongings for the move. And the only estimate was through the phone or email it is better to know the exact price before doing anything.

Woman looking at her phone for types of moving estimates
A non-Binding estimate can be fun to calculate online but is not that accurate. So be very careful with these estimates.

A binding estimate is the best for moving

This is the best estimate for your move because it will tell you exactly how much your relocation will cost. Of course, they don’t calculate the troubles on the road. Or some things you can’t know will happen before they do, and that doesn’t happen often so don’t worry. It will still cost you close to the estimate they made for you.

This is a contract after all so they are accurate, also because it is a contract if you decide after the fact that you want to move fewer things you will still have to pay the estimated cost. So be careful of that and do the estimate after you declutter and know exactly what you want to take to your new home.

Two people shaking hands after talking about types of moving estimates
A binding estimate is one of the best estimates for moving because they are accurate and also contract based so you are secure.

In types of moving estimates, there is also binding not to exceed

This type of estimate is best for the people that are set on one price, and don’t want to go over it no matter what happens. Ask for more help with your move so the whole relocation process is as stress-free as possible for you.

This estimate and contract are getting people to decide on it because you will not go over the budget no matter what happens and in some cases, you can pay less if you move fewer belongings than on the estimate. This is the best moving estimate if you are on a tight budget.

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