Tips for moving from Florida to Northern Virginia for college

Moving for college can be intimidating. After all of the stress of testing, applying, and interview moving to college seems like the final step in your transitions. You have to leave your family home and move and adapt to living away from home, in a dorm or rented apartment. You also have to pack and organize all the things you will need. If you are moving from Florida to Northern Virginia for college you will need some helpful tips to guide you through the process. Your interstate move will not be easy but certain tips and guides can make it easier.

Moving from Florida to Northern Virginia for college

Studying in Northern Virginia is one of the best decisions you can make. The state offers some of the best colleges in the US and the best education. Once you decide on the school and get accepted, you can have a great time during your studies. You can choose to find your own apartment or live in a dorm. You will also have some great opportunities and a good time outside of school. Northern Virginia is a state that has a booming economy, great education, and developing business, and on top of that a great history and culture. It is also close to DC but it offers small-town living and is great for nature lovers. However, when moving from Florida to Northern Virginia you will have to adapt to the change in weather and the lifestyle. 

A mini self storage facilities
Make sure to lease a storage unit for your student stuff rather than hauling it home for summer

Moving tips you should know

Your interstate move for college will be complicated. You won’t be able to do it yourself so make sure you hire or other reputable movers that can help you relocate. Be aware that hiring movers is just part of the process, most of it is on you. So here are a few tips for your move:

Sort out your belongings. Make a good plan of what you will bring with you as your dorm room will be cramped and you won’t have enough space. Give away some of your stuff or donate them.

If you have too much stuff you can opt for student storage as a solution. You can have additional space for your stuff if you rent a self-storage unit. They are particularly handy during summer breaks. They allow you to store your stuff during summer rather than haul them back home.

A person covered with wardrobe
Sort out your things, you wont have room for all of it

Do not move at the last moment and the last weekend. It might be too crowded the last weekend so try moving a weekend before or midweek. Avoid rush-hour moving.

Be resourceful. Try to make the least amount of trips so condense when packing. Pack stuff in smaller packages that you will then pack in larger boxes. Also, be creative when packing to be practical and improvise to save money. Find creative ideas and tips online

Make sure to set up your services. Set up the phone, internet, and other amenities beforehand. This way you will have all of the essentials the minute you move in. 

Make it a family activity. Although your interstate moving from Florida to Northern Virginia will be done by professionals one of the best tips is to improvise your preparation and packing. Enlist the help of family and friends and make it a joint activity.

Two people packing before moving from Florida to Northern Virginia for college
Get your friends to help

So, your college move to Northern Virginia does not have to be too problematic and stressful. Research and follow some guides and tips to help you out. 

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