5 great going away gifts for neighbors who are moving

Moving is a special event, if you have moved before, you would know that. In some places, neighbors are like family, especially in smaller towns where everyone knows each other. What are great gifts for neighbors who are moving and what to buy them for this important occasion? If you are lack ideas, we know!

Help your neighbor with moving

Helping is not a conventional gift, but for some people it is necessary. If you are close friends, help your neighbor with packing or to find reliable movers in Tampa or to organize a garage sale. Also, if you have moving boxes you don’t use, we are sure they need them right now.

A fence between two backyards.
You will have new neighbors soon, so say goodbye and buy a gift to remind them of an old neighborhood

Organizing a move is not easy, and if your neighbors are moving for the first time, help them with your experience. Help them create a moving checklist or give them a number of a mover.

Perfect gifts for neighbors who are moving

What is the perfect gift for a neighbor who is moving away? Before you buy anything, there are some tips to know:

  • Make a gift personal, but not too personal (unless you are very close friends). Go with something more general, it is not a birthday or holiday.
  • Don’t buy flowers for people that are moving because plants are flowers are very difficult to move, especially if they are moving long-distance.
  • Don’t spend too much money on a “moving gift” because it might be awkward and uncomfortable for them. Your budget should be about $50.
Giving gifts for neighbors who are moving.
Find perfect gifts for neighbors who are moving and they will be positively surprised

The list of 5 great gifts

Of course, the list is longer than just 5 gifts, but here are some general gifts that everyone would like.

  • A home improvement gift card, so they can buy anything they need after moving to a new home. They will need something after moving, for sure, and your gift card will help them.
  • If you want more original gifts, buy a Bluetooth speaker and create a “moving playlist” on Spotify or YouTube. It will be very helpful when packing and unpacking. Working with music is easier.
  • A mug printed with something personal, for example, “you won’t find better neighbors than us” or print your photo together and write something funny. Small gifts for neighbors are always a good idea.
  • The meal delivery box is one of the great gifts for neighbors who are moving because they don’t need to eat pizza every night after moving. They can have a nice and healthy meal, without running to the store right after moving.
  • A little spa day in a box is perfect for relaxing after stressful relocation. A box should include lavender candles, chamomile tea, massage oil, soap, body lotion, towel, etc.

You can find more ideas for gifts for neighbors who are moving to a new home. They can be funny like mugs or helpful like meal delivery box, it is up to you. If they need help, sign up, sometimes it is the best gift.

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