6 reasons for expanding your Alabama-based business to Florida

A lot of people have businesses in Alabama as it is a great state to lead a business. The market still isn’t saturated and there is a lot of space for different businesses. And a lot of Alabama-based businesses are very successful. This allows them to expand to other states around the country. And one of the most common places for people to expand businesses in Florida. Florida has plenty of perks that other states don’t and it is why we believe that expanding your Alabama-based business there is a great idea. Here is where you will find 6 reasons why expanding to Florida is an amazing step to make if you want to improve and evolve your business even more.

Favorable tax climate

One of the first things about Florida that we think is the reason why you should expand your business to Florida is the fact that this is a state with a very favorable tax market. People who are tax-conscious and families with children are mostly moving to Florida because it doesn’t have an individual income tax. So if you decide to stay here, you will have this perk. And if doing that, you definitely need to hire professional movers to help you out with the long-distance relocation from Alabama to Florida.

But there are favorable business taxes as well. And why not take advantage of this opportunity and expand your business to such a state. This would mean earning plenty of money due to saving a lot of money on taxes.

calculator taxes
You will be shocked by the tax rates in Florida.

Low cost of living

Another amazing thing about expanding your Alabama-based business to Florida is the fact that the cost of living is low there. This would mean that you could be earning a lot of money and living in a place where life is affordable. Can it be better than that? Housing is very affordable. Even commercial property is cheaper than in most places. This is a huge plus when expanding a business. And if moving things from Alabama to Florida, hiring a specialized crew to help you out with the commercial relocation is what is going to make the whole process easier.

The diversity in the economy

The third thing we would list as one of the reasons why expanding your Alabama-based business to Florida is a great idea is a fact that there is an amazing diversity in the economy of Florida. One of Florida’s top industry surely is tourism as more than 11 million people visit Florida every year from all over the world.

But there are plenty of other industries that are evolving and thriving in Florida. Just some of them are construction, retail, life sciences, information technology, aerospace and aviation, manufacturing, and there are plenty of others. This makes having almost any sort of business possible in Florida. Especially if you pick the right city for your business. And when you do, Park Moving can help you relocate.

There are plenty of business opportunities in Florida.

Tourism is helpful

The fact that there are plenty of tourists in Florida can help certain businesses. Mostly retail businesses and entertainment businesses. The amount of people that visit Florida every year is huge and it isn’t something we should look over when it comes to how much it can benefit your business. Having a bar, a restaurant, a clothing store, or anything that would at some point attract tourists is a great idea. Especially if you have a very unique business. This attracts tourists. So, consider making your business tourist-friendly in some way if that is possible of course. Especially if moving to Tampa.

Strong labor market

If expanding a business you surely need some new employees. And what’s great about Florida is the fact that there are plenty of people who want to work. This is because there are plenty of young people living here and more and more people move to Florida every year. A lot of students live in Florida as well and they all need to find jobs. This makes having a business easy as you know that you will never run out of people to hire. Also, have in mind the fact that Florida’s public university system was first in the nation for three years in a row. This means that there are a lot of educated people just waiting to find a suitable job.

young people working
There are plenty of young people who want to live and work in Florida.

Even though Florida ranks 19th in the nation for its 3.4 percent unemployment rate, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your business. You will be helping the state get a better percentage when it comes to the unemployment rate as you will employ people. As we mentioned, you have to pick the right city for your business. There are plenty of different neighborhoods to choose from that might be more or less suitable for your business, in Tampa for example.

Florida is an amazing state to live in

The last but certainly not the least important is the fact that Florida is an amazing state to live in. If you decide to move to Florida, and you probably will after seeing how amazing of a state it is, you will have plenty of amazing cities to choose from. You can expand your Alabama-based business to Miami, Tampa, Boca Raton, Orlando, and plenty of other cities. It is up to you to do further research where your business would be doing well.

And even living in these cities is great. They all have plenty of things for you to see and do, especially coastal cities. Living with a family in Florida is a great idea. You can buy a beach home and live on the beach. There are plenty of amazing schools here for your children here as well which would make moving with children to Florida a great decision when it comes to the quality of your children’s education.

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