Things to have in mind when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida

Relocating your entire home is not an easy project. Especially if you have a large family. However, moving to another state can be a lot more organized than you can imagine. Even though all the planning, packing supplies, moving budget and other organization steps seem like a lot – it’s actually quite simple if you have the proper approach. So, if having a stress-free move may seem just like a dream to you, prepare for the real game-changer. We prepared a simple, yet effective guide on moving from Pennsylvania to Florida. Here’s everything you need to remember to have a smooth and easy relocation. Have a safe move!

What are the benefits of moving from Pennsylvania to Florida?

If you’re still indecisive about this relocation, yous should definitely consider all the positive aspects of moving from Pennsylvania to Florida. Here are some of them you should know of.

The weather

Florida’s climate is one of the key reasons why so many USA residents choose to move to Florida. You can enjoy the sun and be close to the beach all year long. Pleasant climate affects your mood and helps you stay positive. Also, it makes life easier – there are no worries about winter clothes, blizzards, winter equipment for your car, etc.

A family of four smiling after moving from Pennsylvania to Florida
Many young families, as well as retirees, choose to live in Florida – and one of the main reasons is the pleasant weather.

Reduced living costs

Florida offers quite affordable living costs which is another reason why so many people decide on moving from Pennsylvania to Florida. No income taxes and lower housing are very attractive to new residents, and make this move a lot easier decision. Apart from buying a home here, many people choose to have vacation homes, as well – which they choose to rent or visit on holidays and special occasions.


In Florida, there’s always something to do. First of all, some of the world-class beaches are right next door. Whenever you feel down, head to the closest beach and soak up the sun. Also, beach activities, sports, and music are just an addition to the list of fun things to do in Florida.

Time is the key

Most of the everyday stressful situations happen because of the lack of time and doing things in a hurry. Bad things happen when you’re late for work, kids are late for school, and then everything is out of control. Therefore, when you need to leave Pennsylvania and move into your new home, you should first start thinking about the time frame of your relocation.

Well, when to start planning? If you’re selling your house in Pennsylvania, you should start some moving preparation as soon as your home goes to the market. This includes some general cleaning, decluttering, etc. And once you get the moving date – grab a pen and start planning your timeline until the big day. Most of the packing and other moving preparation can be done in 6-8 weeks before the moving day. We recommend you start as early as possible – no matter how silly it may seem. There’s always something to do around the house. If you finish all these tiny tasks on time, you will prevent them to pile up and cause you a lot of stress once you really need to pack everything and move out.

A clock, piles of coins and a small house
On-time planning is the key to a successful move – make sure you are organized when moving your home to another state.

Organize the moving schedule

The organization is another key element to a successful move. As relocating your home from Pennsylvania to Florida requires a lot of tasks, it’s best to write them down. Make a checklist in a dedicated notebook, or use an organization app to help you out. Visualizing your moving process will help a lot with finishing work on time. This way you’ll have enough energy to go to work, take care of your family, and do moving tasks along the way.

Have a clear moving budget

Finances are something that worries people who are relocating from Pennsylvania to Florida. Even though housing is cheaper in Florida, the whole moving process can be a bit expensive. However, with the right organizational skills, you don’t have to pay more than necessary.

Firstly, create a moving budget. Dedicate some time to listing all the payments you need to make until the moving day. Packing supplies, moving services, house cleaning, and maintenance, etc. Once you know what to expect, it will be easier to manage your finances and don’t spend more than necessary.

Secondly, try to reduce your moving costs. After you create a moving budget, see if you are financially ready for the relocation. Unless you have an unlimited moving budget, reducing your moving costs is always a good thing to do. There are many ways to cut down moving expenses, but here are some ideas:

  • ask friends to help you move
  • compare several moving companies to get the best deal
  • find free moving supplies¬†
  • be flexible with your moving date – moving off-season can bring you discounted moving quotes.
A man planning his moving budget for moving from Pennsylvania to Florida
Creating a moving budget is the best thing you can do when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida – don’t spend more than you need!

Hiring experts when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida

Even if you’re trying to save some money, hiring an expert for your Florida move is definitely something that pays off. If you hire a company that is professional and reliable, you are minimizing risks of hurting yourself and damaging your items – which can definitely break your bank. That’s why you should act smart and pick the best option for moving to another state.

Why it’s important to hire reliable movers

The moving business has grown a lot in recent years. Unfortunately, along with many good companies, many frauds appeared as well. That’s why choosing someone reliable is an absolute must in the moving process. Don’t be attracted by an unrealistically low pricing point and attractive ad – choose a company that has a good reputation and many satisfied customers. The last thing you want to do is to experience some of the nightmare moving scenarios and end up losing your items or paying a lot more than you planned.

Ways to find a good moving company

As you are moving to another state, you are probably suspicious about the company you’re about to hire, since it’s not a local, familiar move. That’s why you need to have a detailed approach and use various methods to find and check moving companies. Here are some options.

Online search

A seemingly easier and faster way to book a moving company is by using the internet. However, the internet is full of fake reviews and scammers behind good nicknames, so you need to be very careful. Read online reviews, but don’t trust them completely, especially if they look suspicious. Also, look for moving companies on certified websites like Verified Movers – a place that promotes only licensed moving professionals and shares detailed analysis of their work. And finally, the internet can be used to do a background check of a desired moving professional – their website, social media profiles, reviews, contact information, etc.

Personal recommendation

Of course, word of mouth is the best way to spread both good and bad moving experiences. Ask friends, co-workers, or relatives who recently moved to share their moving adventures and give you recommendations. This way you’ll be sure that someone you trust is telling you about a reliable moving professional or warning you about a bad one.


Always have a couple of options to compare when choosing a mover. This way you’ll see the average pricing point for the move, and have the chance to get the best deal. Remember – the cheapest option is not the best, and the most expensive price point doesn’t include the highest quality moving services.

A handshake over a successful house purchase
Having someone you can trust to help you when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida is a huge relief.

Prepare your home for moving from Pennsylvania to Florida

Weeks before the moving date, start preparing your items for the relocation. Here’s what you should remember to do.


As you’re sorting out the things to pack, make sure you remove the items you no longer need, especially in your new home. Remove all the items that are never used, broken, or expired. You’ll see how your home becomes more spacious, and your moving costs a lot lower.

a box full of clutter
Do you really need all those old items after moving from Pennsylvania to Florida – it’s time to declutter your home!

You’re moving from Pennsylvania to Florida – you don’t need winter clothes

Consider getting rid of all the winter clothes when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida. Since it will be sunny all year round, your sweaters, boots, and jackets are no longer necessary. However, if you still want to keep some of these in case you travel to some colder areas, pack those items separately and keep them in storage, for example. Getting a storage unit is an amazing idea, especially if you’re moving into a smaller home. It can be used for all the seasonal clothes, rarely used items, hobby equipment, etc. You’ll free up space in your new Florida home and your items will be safe and all in one place.


When making your moving schedule, don’t forget to add cleaning your home on the moving checklist. There are two ways to do this efficiently. You can clean on your own – start section by section, so you can have enough time and energy for other moving tasks. Or simply hire professional cleaning services and save yourself a ton of time.

Packing for relocation

Probably the most time-consuming task on your moving checklist is the packing. If you happen to have a large family and a big home – this process may sem like a nightmare. How to be time-efficient and still keep your items protected? Well, unless you’re getting professional packing services from a reliable mover, here are some tips that might help you out.

Pack in sections

If you have a large home, never pack everything at once. We recommend you do that in sections – room by room. Also, it’s a good idea to start with the things you rarely use and work your way towards the items you use every day.

Have a dedicated packing spot

Since you’ll pack in multiple sections, it’s good to have a dedicated packing spot in your home. This way you won’t spread packing material all around the house,e but have everything in one place and easy to find and read any time.

Prepare all the packing supplies

Once you start packing your home, it’s essential to have all the necessary supplies so you can be efficient. Prepare the boxes, tape, scissors, markers, protection, packing papers, so you don’t have run to the sort in the middle of the packing process and waste time. If you’re not sure how many boxes you’ll need, it’s good to have an inventory list. You can either write it down or simply take photos of items on your mobile home. This separate album will also serve as a proof for movers later on, in case something is lost or damaged during transport.


We mentioned you’ll need markers for packing. Use them to write what’s in each box and label with the room the box should go to. This will make the move-in and unpacking process a lot easier and faster.

Prepare for the life in Florida

Living in Pennsylvania is in many ways different from living in Florida. Here are some things to know when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida and how to adjust to the new environment:

  • safety first – even though living costs are more affordable, you’ll spend more on insurance. It’s important to get informed on hurricane safety and ways to protect your home and family from natural disasters like this – which can happen more often in Florida than in Pennsylvania.
  • prepare for the tourists – tourists are part of everyday life in Florida. It’s maybe not something you can get used to immediately, but you should be aware of the fact that most popular places in Florida’s cities are filled with tourists most of the time.
  • baseball is part of the lifestyle – everybody loves baseball in Florida. So, if you’re a fan – you’ll love it here.¬† Games of both smaller and bigger leagues are available most of the time – at affordable price points.
  • Disneyland is not only for tourists – moving to Florida is the perfect chance to visit this entertainment park without any rush. Pick a date and head to Disneyland to have a load of fun, at least once!

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