How to stay cool when moving in hot weather

Moving is a process that can take its toll on your body. However, some weather conditions make this process even harder. Summer is a popular season for scheduling moves, even though moving in hot weather is not a fun thing to do. However, since at most times, this is inevitable, you’ll be happy to find out that there is a way to cool down when moving in the summer heat.

In order to cool down when moving in hot weather…

Luckily, there are some things you can do in order to reduce the impact of heat during your move. And remember, it’s not just about cooling down, it’s also important to stay safe.

  • don’t rush it
  • drink lots of water
  • eat right
  • wear the right clothing
  • apply sunscreen
  • protect your items
  • take care of utilities
  • keep portable fans and cold towels with you
  • take breaks when moving in hot weather
  • learn how heat exhaustion looks like

If it doesn’t seem too hot

Keep in mind that if it’s not too hot now, it could get very hot soon. Let’s say you’re moving from Pennsylvania to Florida. Once you arrive in Florida and experience the summer here, you’ll see why you should’ve prepared better.

Road going through the desert.
…it might get hot very soon

Don’t rush it

In order not to rush the moving process, you need to start early, like weeks ahead. But talking about the moving day itself, it should start early in the morning. That way you’ll be able to use a cool summer morning and you’ll get more things done. Trying to get a lot of things done as quickly as possible is exhausting in hot temperatures. But also, you’ll be a lot more efficient if you hire professional help like City Movers. This way, you’ll be to have everything finished in time.

Drink lots of water

When moving in hot weather, it’s very important that you stay hydrated. That’s what will keep your body temperature optimal. You can pack a cooler with bottles of water and keep it with you at all times. Also, what you can do is freeze the bottles of water during the night. That way, they’ll be thawing out gradually during the day. And while it’s all right to want to drink something with electrolytes, avoid sugary energy drinks and coffee, as it’s a diuretic.

A glass of water with ice cubes.
This is just what you need if you are moving in hot weather

Get some help

Moving in the summer heat is a lot easier with some help. You won’t have to spend a long time carrying the boxes while sweating. But, while it’s alright to ask your friends to help you, you can also hire local crew to help you out. Professionals will be quicker, as they’re really experienced with this.

Eat right

Try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, as it will keep you hydrated and give you the necessary energy. Also, nuts are great, because they’re high in protein. However, food with sodium should be avoided as it can make you dehydrated.

Wear the right clothing

Moving is much more comfortable when you’re doing it in the right clothes. When moving in the hot temperatures, you want to wear cotton clothes, because they can breathe. And the white color will reflect the sun keeping you cooler. While other lighter colors are also all right, dark colors and especially black will do just the opposite, so you should avoid them.

Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen will give your skin the protection it needs on a sunny day. However, even on a cloudy summer day, it would be smart to apply waterproof sunscreen. And keep it with you, since you’ll have to reapply it in a couple of hours after you sweat it off.

A woman applying a suncreen.
Don’t forget the sunscreen

Protect your sensitive items

When packing your items, remember that they’re going to stay in a hot truck for some time. And some of these items, can’t handle that and they might get damaged. That’s why you’ll need quality supplies to protect your belongings.

Make sure utilities are turned on

Don’t cancel your utilities at your old home before the moving day is done. Also, have the utilities turned on at your new home at least a day before. Remembering this can save you from sweating all over the floor while carrying the boxes.

Protect even your other items

While in order to move stuff like IT equipment safely, you should let protect it from the heat, this is also the case with some other items. Even furniture can get damaged it stays out in the hot sun, so keep that in mind when transporting it.

Keep portable fans and cold towels with you

Portable fans that run on batteries aren’t too expensive. And you can put them anywhere you like, not just in your home. It can feel really helpful when you feel the air circulating in hot temperatures. Also, cold towels are a good solution to keep cool when moving in the summer hear. Soak them in water and put them in a cooler. They’ll be ready for you to put them on your shoulders and give you the relief you’ll desperately need.

It’s important to take breaks

Doing hard work in the heat is not easy. That’s why it’s very important to listen to your body and stop when you feel like taking a break. Taking a break, for just ten minutes will allow your body to recover a bit and get back to a healthy temperature. And if you feel like you can’t afford these breaks, because you have too much to do, then it goes all the way back to moving timetable and moving day timetable. You should always leave some time for the breaks because they are necessary.

Heat exhaustion symptoms

Remember that moving in hot weather can be dangerous. In order to stay safe, you need to know the symptoms of heat exhaustion, so that you’ll be able to recognize them. According to, the symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, weak, rapid pulse, headache nausea, and cool moist skin. If you or someone or someone around experience these symptoms when moving, get away from the heat, drink plenty of water, and try to cool down by taking a shower or with cold towels.

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