Top 7 states Florida professionals are moving to

Let’s take a good look at the top 7 states where Florida professionals are moving to. Before we do that, let’s talk about how we will rank the states and what is important to young professionals. Job opportunities are of course big factor here. Safety and costs of life are equally important because raising a family is something young people consider often. Economy and housing prices are also a factor to consider. Costs of rent too, because many young professionals are looking to rent some office space for their business.

The first on the list of top 7 states Florida professionals are moving to – New York

This is a no-brainer. People from all around the world are moving to New York to try their luck here. This is a place where the magic happens. Also, if you are good at what you do – the sky is the limit. So if you are very ambitious you should take a look at this state. This state is best known for its capital city – New York.

Pros and cons

We already mentioned job opportunities. This part is on the pro list. But, if you take a look at prices… well this one is on the con list. Costs of living are high, renting is pricy, and let’s not even start with the housing market. On the other hand, if you are thinking about raising a family here this is definitely on the pro list, and so are the schools. There are some cons of course but overall this state can be a great opportunity for young professionals.

New York written on a wall.
Of course, this state is going to be on the list of the top 7 states.

New Jersey

New Jersey is second on our list of top 7 states Florida professionals are moving to, and for a good reason. Even though it’s just next to NY the prices of everything are different. They are fairly reasonable so prices of life, real estate, and renting are much more affordable here. You will still have some great job opportunities here and it’s a bit less overcrowded. So, it’s all good news. They even have very friendly local movers like Van Express Movers. While we are on that subject…

Moving to New Jersey

If you are considering moving to NJ you should contact professionals from the area to help you out. This is the only way to make the relocation stress-free and quickly. They will help you unpack and settle nicely. So why not take that opportunity and do this the easy way.


People from Florida will love the weather here. This is a state of so many opportunities. You wouldn’t believe how many nowadays worldwide companies started in California as small businesses. So when we are talking job opportunities this state is on the pro list! But, and this is a big one – the place is overcrowded and the prices of everything are amazingly high. So opinions are divided here but it still must be on the list as one of the top 7 states because of all that job opportunities.

California, one of the states Florida professionals are moving to.
Apple was once a small business run in a garage here.


This is not a coincidence that Texas is just next to California. Actually many Californians are relocating to Texas now. There are a lot of reasons like :

  • you can afford a great house here
  • you will have where to park your car
  • you have a lot of job opportunities
  • there is a lot of young professionals here nowadays
  • their economy is booming
  • people here are friendly
  • food is unbelievable
  • this is considered to be a safe state ( crime rates are low )

Those are just some of the reasons people are moving here and if you read it you will understand why. So give Texas a good look while you are searching for a new place for you. Coming from Florida you will be just fine with their weather.


This is a state where the IT crowd is going. Their top destination? Seattle of course. Many big IT companies are here, even Microsoft headquarters so that’s saying a lot. Prices in this state are not as high as in some, so let’s say that they are reasonable. They are a bit higher in Seattle of course but still lower than in NY. Safety-wise, this is a great state. The highest job growth in the USA has Washington and that’s why it’s on the list. The weather – unfortunately not so great.

This is where the IT crowd goes.


This state is known for fishing, but this is not all they do there. Their auto industry is booming too. Popular Science Magazine claims that this state will be the best state to live in in the USA by 2100. Fun fact – pilots are paid best here. Here is a piece of good news – homes are very cheap here. Costs of life are average.


This is the state is on the list of the top 7 states where young professionals are moving because of its economy. Washington is right behind but Utah is the top state for the economy. The low housing cost and low costs of living are why this state is getting more and more popular each year. The low crime rate is also for the pro list. Great skiing and beautiful landscape are just a bonus.

How to choose only one among the states Florida professionals are moving to

The choice is not easy. Every one of these states can offer you so much. Before you decide research your field of expertise in all countries. That might be helpful. Also, making a pro and con list is always good, that will make you see more clearly. Good luck on your new life chapter and remember whatever you choose you can take advantage of what every state can offer and make something great out of you and your business. Don’t forget to give a call to professional movers before you even start packing. They can help you with that. You are only left to choose the right place.

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