Organize your move from Mississippi to Florida like a pro

Organizing a move to Florida from Mississippi can be chaotic. There are plenty of more and less important moving tasks to do. Plus, the extra miles add some extra challenges to your relocation. So, there is nothing you can do about it except to organize your move from Mississippi to Florida with the most care and attention to the details. So, here are some tips that will help you organize relocation like a pro.

Set the moving course

Hiring moving professionals or moving by yourself? This is the biggest moving question and it needs to be answered very early in your preparation. Is it better for you to hire professional movers or you’d be better off moving your belongings with the help of a rented van and friends? If you choose the second one, make sure you know what to pay attention to when renting a moving truck – 2020 editionYou should know that there are pros and cons of both relocation methods. Therefore, choose wisely. 

Organize your move from Mississippi to Florida – Make a moving checklist

To take proper care of all moving tasks ahead of you, you must organize your time well. A detailed moving checklist will help you do this. It will enable you to set clear goals and realistic timeframes for the completion of every task. Also, with the moving checklist, you can keep track of your progress. So, learn how to create a moving checklist. Ensure you don’t miss anything important and stick to it no matter overwhelmed you are.

Moving Checklist
A moving checklist will help you organize your move from Mississippi to Florida.

Request moving estimates

So, how much you’ll have to pay for hiring movers? Well, to find out the answer, request price quotes from a few different moving companies. All you have to do is to fill in the necessary data on sites like Once you get the online quote, contact movers representatives and ask them to come to visit your home for a visual survey. This way you’ll have a precise and accurate moving estimate that will match your final relocation bill.

Define your budget

Once you find out how much professional moving services will cost you, set a moving budget. This is a very important part of relocation because it affects all the other ones. Depending on your moving budget, you’ll know if you have enough finances to cover the moving costs. When determining a moving budget, make sure you contain every possible cost during the move. But, keep in mind that you’ll probably face some unexpected expenses too. So, ensure your moving budget contain a certain sum of money that can cover all these costs.

Find the right movers to help you organize your move from Mississippi to Florida 

Hiring movers is the most important part of organizing your move from Mississippi to Florida. You can’t perform a successful and stress-free relocation without professional help. So, if you want to learn how to ease the process, then it’s advisable to hire movers. But, the only thing you must do here is to find a reliable company. You can start by looking for movers online. Once you find a couple of options, check out if the companies have a license. By law, movers must have the USDOT number. You can check that on the FMCSA’s website. Next, to narrow down your choices, read customers’ reviews about those movers. Finally, contact or visit them to discuss everything that concerns you about the move. Keep in mind that the way you handle this step will determine how smoothly your relocation to Florida will go.

Google Search Laptop - Organize your move from Mississippi to Florida
Find the best movers to help you relocate to Florida.


Moving all your household belongings from Mississippi to Florida will be both very difficult and expensive. So, take a good look at the stuff you plan to move. There must be some unnecessary things that you want to throw away, and this is the perfect time to do it. Why spend more money on relocation to Florida than you have to? Instead, you can find out where to donate your stuff before moving or sell and earn some extra cash. Just get rid of everything you won’t need in your new life. Also, it’s a good idea to leave behind items that are difficult to move, such as large furniture, and buy new ones once you relocate.

Organize your move from Mississippi to Florida – Make a moving inventory list

Once you know what you want to move to the new home, create an inventory list, room by room. This list should include important information about the items you plan to entrust to the movers. Write the item’s current condition, market value, designated new location, and more. You can use 6 steps to create a home inventory to track what you’re moving. Also, photograph items as proof of their condition before the move. It will be useful in case of conflict between you and movers. 

Gather packing supplies and start packing

When moving, your items must be safely packed to survive the long trip to the new address. Professional packing is the safest, efficient, and easiest option when moving. But, no matter if you DIY packing or you have them professionally packed, you must ensure:

  • Perfectly immobilization and well-cushioning in the moving boxes.
  • Sturdy moving boxes that are lined with protective materials. Also, boxes must be packed to the top, and tightly sealed.
  • Every box must have a label with your name and destination address. Furthermore, contents and important handling instructions need to be labeled too.
  • Make sure your larger items are safely wrapped in protective materials and safe and secure in the moving truck.
  • Ensure insurance of your belongings. You never know what can happen while transport. So, get full value protection for your items.
  • Pack your essential bag and have it with you. 
  • Keep your important documents and valuable items with you.
Moving Box Key
Ensure your belongings are properly packed.

Other things to do when you organize your move from Mississippi to Florida

  • Change your address. Notify all the institutions and people that may need your new address.
  • Transfer utilities.
  • Gather and organize documents, financial records, and paperwork related to relocation.
  • Reclaim members’ medical and school records, and other relevant documents.
  • Transfer driver’s license and update the vehicle registration.
  • Update insurance policies.
  • Say goodbye to your family, friends, and your favorite places.

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