Where to donate your stuff before moving

Moving day is close, and you still don’t know what to do with all the things you don’t really need anymore. There are items you haven’t used for a while and you don’t know where to put them. But, there are many organizations and places that will take your belongings. So, donate them and they won’t go to waste. Here’s where to donate your stuff before moving.

Reasons to donate your stuff before moving

When moving to Tampa with your family, you’ll probably find out that you own more stuff than you need. This is the most common reason people donate to charities. However, it’s a great reason, and you’ll help someone easily. Also, some people are refurbishing their homes. They are replacing furniture, so they donate the old one. But, no matter the reasons, getting rid of some of your belongings is also a great way to save some money because your load is lighter.

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Where to donate your stuff before moving? You’ll find an organization to donate to easily.

Where to donate your stuff before moving?

You’ll have no trouble finding places to donate your stuff before moving. This won’t be a problem because there is an organization for almost every type of item you want to donate. Of course, some items charities will not accept. For example, ripped, stained and smelly clothes, damaged furniture, and alike. However, you should still contact every charity organization and ask what are the items that they don’t accept because it’s not the same for everyone. 

Once you finish donating your things, it’s time to find the movers to handle your upcoming move. But, make sure you know the top 5 moving scams. You don’t want to be tricked, of course.

Best-known organizations where you can donate

  • Goodwill. It helps people all over the world in crisis. It accepts different kinds of items.
  • Dress for success. This organization accepts business clothing and gives them to the people in need.
  • Bridge for success. This organization also focuses on business clothes. 
  • Baby2baby. Donate kid’s clothing, books, toys, and everything else a child might need here.
  • Food banks. Collect food that hasn’t been used and donate it here.
  • Habitat for Humanity Restore. This international charity organization accepts all kinds of stuff, including furniture. 
  • Amvets. Here you can donate items to women that suffer domestic violence.
  • Local Libraries. 
  • Books for America. Make your bookshelves lighter and make a donation here.
  • Toys for tots. 
  • Purple Heart Service Foundation. Here you can donate your vehicle.

Almost every item you want to donate has an organization that accepts them. So, you’ll have to contact every organization separately and ask if they take the stuff that you plan to donate. It’s a little effort, yet it will be worth it because you’ll help somebody.

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Donate and help somebody.

Remember to deduct the donations from your taxes

Don’t forget to save those donation receipts. When you drop off your items with the non-profit, the charity organization should provide you with a tax deduction receipt. These receipts could save you a lot of money on taxes. 

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