New Tampa to Maine – 7 tips for an eco-friendly relocation

During huge life events such as house relocation, we often forget about taking care of our environment. Due to moving stress, all the work tasks, and emotions about leaving your old home, people often don’t think about green moving options. Also, people worry it’s too much effort, and often give up on finding more environmentally friendly solutions. Luckily – that’s not true! We wish to prove to you that having an eco-friendly relocation will not cost you more money and time, but will be beneficial in many ways. Let’s go through the main seven tips for a green and stress-free relocation from New Tampa to Maine.

1. Be responsible for the things you don’t need any more

Decluttering your home before the moving day is generally a very useful tip. It can save you time when packing, reduce your moving costs, and make more free space in your new home. But, what’s eco-friendly about it? Well, if you get rid of the items you don’t need in the right way – by recycling, selling, or giving them away, you will keep them away from landfills and protect the environment. These items can find a better home and be well-used by somebody else. That’s why purge your home before you start packing. You can organize a garage sale, and even better – sell things online. Apart from reducing moving costs by moving fewer items, you can also make some money for the move by selling the things you no longer need. For all the items you don’t sell or give away, check out Tampa’s recycling and waste reduction programs to get rid of them the right way.

a small wooden house on grass
Smaller the home – lower the costs!

You don’t want to get rid of certain items? There’s a green solution for that, too!

If you’re moving into a smaller house in Maine, but don’t want to downsize your home that much, consider this great solution for extra items. Renting a safe storage unit will keep your items out of your house, but won’t make you get rid of them. These units are an amazing place to store all those seasonal clothes, tools, hobby equipment you rarely use, bikes, etc. Pick the unit according to your needs and store your items safely.

2. Look for a green moving professional for eco-friendly relocation

Another way you can have an eco-friendly relocation is by making the right choice when it comes to hiring a moving company. Companies such as Preferred Movers take care of the environment while providing excellent moving services. So, by making wise choices and choosing reliable and certified companies for moving to Maine, you can have it all – professional, affordable, and eco-friendly moving services. To check if you’re dealing with a green moving company, you can ask their representative questions about:

  • reusable packing containers and other eco-friendly packing materials;
  • using biodiesel as a fuel for the moving trucks;
  • transporting goods in new-age vehicles that don’t emit as many harmful gasses;
  • reusing leftover packing materials after your move is finished.

3. Use eco-friendly packing materials

In case you don’t get packing services from a professional mover, be sure to pack your home responsibly. There are several ways to do that. Instead of buying too many moving boxes, try finding already used ones from your friends or family. Furthermore, consider renting plastic bins that can be used many times – you also don’t need to worry about boxes laying around your home after the move. And finally, other packing materials like peanuts and wraps should be made of recyclable, eco-friendly materials, to make sure you don’t do any harm to the environment after you unpack.

4. It’s all about alternatives – find certain items additional purpose

Packing doesn’t need to be expensive and bothersome. Try to find alternatives for your packing supplies – and we are sure you have them in your home. For example, gym bags, trash cans, suitcases, shopping bags, garbage bags, laundry baskets, etc. can serve as excellent packing containers. Also, old clothes and blankets will protect fragile items from scratches – and you don’t need to spend more money on additional supplies. This way you will pack faster for leaving Florida, with free and environmentally-friendly supplies.

a bag for an eco-friendly relocation
Look around your home and find the items that can help you pack and have an eco-friendly relocation.

5. Make fewer trips when you unpack

After you arrive in Maine, you’ll need a few things from the store which will require you to drive around the city looking for stores. Do the research about your new city in advance, so you don’t waste time and make multiple trips to certain stores. Also, we recommend you find assistance in the area. Local moving companies will make your arrival much easier, as they’re familiar with the area and can help you move in and get around in your new neighborhood.

6.Dispose of hazardous materials responsibly

People are often unaware of which items are potentially hazardous for the environment. To have an eco-friendly relocation, you need to think about these things, too. Items that are considered harmful are mostly prohibited from moving to another home. Therefore, moving companies won’t accept them. These include pesticides, engine/motor oils, kerosene, paint, cleaning supplies, fertilizers, gasoline, etc. You need to get rid of these properly, by giving them away to neighbors, relatives, or friends to use them up, or dispose of these materials in an eco-friendly manner.

a green planet earth on a hand
Protect our planet with every step you make.

7. Stay green even after the move

If you haven’t practiced it before, moving to a new house is the perfect chance for a fresh start. Go green with your new home by installing energy-efficient lights and devices, using natural cleaning supplies, recycle properly, and be more energy-conscious about your using your new appliances. After an eco-friendly relocation, continue protecting our environment in your new home in Maine.

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