What to do with leftover moving boxes?

The moving process is over – well, not completely over. After unpacking, you will have a lot of moving boxes around you. So, what to do with leftover moving boxes and how to clean up the mess in your new house after moving in? There are a couple of things you can do in this case. What things, well we have some ideas and options you may consider. You have a few tasks do finish and finally, the moving process is done, so you can focus on other things.

Why should you think about leftover moving boxes after moving?

Why should you think about moving boxes, what you should handle this problem after the moving is over? Well, there are three major reasons:

  1. Going green and thinking about the environment is very important. Our Earth already has a lot of garbage and it is polluted. We must save it for our future generations.
  2. Leftover moving boxes will make a mess in your house after moving and you won’t be able to relax in your new home. All of us, after moving, dream about relaxing and being with a family. You cannot enjoy it when you have moving boxes around you.
  3. You can save money by dealing with moving boxes, depending on what you will do with them. It can help you save money on moving in Florida or any other state.

All of these 3 reasons are enough to make you think about packing material after unpacking items. And that is why we have some ideas for you and solution what to do with moving boxes.

Professional packers.
After packing and unpacking, you are not finished with the moving tasks, there are other things to take care of

Reusing moving boxes

There are so many different ways on how you can reuse moving boxes. If you want to keep them, find a purpose for them, and solve the problem. For example, you can color them, and use them for storing items, create frames for photos, create decoupage, etc. Or if the boxes are thick enough, you can create shelves for walls. DIY projects can be fun, especially if you have kids. Moving to Tampa with your family will be stressful and these projects after moving can relax you all.

Recycling your leftover moving boxes

Think green and recycle! If you won’t move any time soon and you want to get rid of moving boxes fast – this may be the easiest solution. Protect the Earth and do something nice for the planet. Don’t just throw boxes away in the garbage. No matter where did you move, every city has a place where you can recycle paper and cardboard. This can be a good lesson for your kids and a good example, and they will recycle too.

Give them to someone else

If you know someone who will move soon and need moving boxes, pass them. Post it on your social media profile and contact your friends, family, and neighbors to notify them you have leftover moving boxes in your house and that you need to get rid of them. A lot of people are moving every day, but not only that. Maybe they need moving boxes for something else. It is also another solution on how to get rid of your moving boxes fast and easy after moving is over. Help them with moving, recommend a moving company, moving services, packing services, because now you have experience.

Moving boxes in front of a condo.
Don’t make a mess in your new home after moving with moving boxes

Storing for later

You can keep moving boxes if you are moving often. Or if you know someone who will move in the near future or you have a plan what can you do with moving boxes. If you have enough space in your house, keep them, but they won’t use a lot of space if you pack and store them properly. It is important to store broken-down boxes in a cool and dry place so they can be used again. Don’t attract pests and prevent the mold.

Using them as insulation

Guess what – cardboard moving boxes are good material for insulation. That will keep your house cool during the summer and warm during the winter months. It is a good replacement for actual foam insulation, it is not the same, but close enough. If you want to save money and energy, use moving boxes as insulation for your new home. Unfinished attic, basement, or storage space are great places where you can put moving boxes on the walls. The air that is trapped between two borders od cardboard creates good insulation which will make your home energy-efficient.

If you have pets…

If moving with pets or you want to get a pet after moving, a moving box can be your cat’s or dog’s house for example. Fill the box with cradle if you have a cat, to keep them warm and cozy, or add a blanket if you have a dog. Your pets will have benefits from your moving boxes and they will be grateful.

A cat in a moving box.
Your pets will love playing with a moving box and sleeping there

Donating or selling moving boxes

Used moving boxes cannot be sold easily and you won’t get a good price for them – but they can be sold. If selling is not an option for you, donating may be. Donate leftover moving boxes to community centers, local businesses, libraries, schools, churches, etc. Post it online that you want to donate your boxes and someone will contact you because boxes can be used for something else. Not only for moving, as you can see.

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