Kitchen appliances you can live without

Have you ever thought about how we define needs and wants? For example, there are things we believe we truly need. But, in reality, we can actually live without these things. So, let’s talk about the kitchen appliances you can live without. You might find some great benefits of getting rid of them.

Why is it important

Sometimes, the less is more. Think about having to move all of the items from your old home, even if you haven’t used some of those items in a while. Then consider the more severe case, for example, when moving with dementia. Even with a simple move, you’ll realize that there are many benefits of having to move less stuff. Also, having fewer things can make your life much easier. Just think how much kitchen space you’ll get if you get rid of kitchen appliances you can do well without. And, even more important, you can actually save a huge amount of money.

What are the kitchen appliances you can live without

Now, everyone has a different opinion on what kitchen appliances they can live without. So, here are only some of them:

Jumbo refrigerators

Did you know that the average size of a refrigerator in the US is double the average size of the refrigerator in Europe? On top of that, a good number of households in America actually own two refrigerators. And just imagine the space and energy these devices use. But the biggest benefit of downsizing is definitely the lower electricity bill. This is the device that runs every moment of every single day. Also, it’ll be easier to find food in only one refrigerator. And I’m telling you this as an ex-owner of two jumbo refrigerators – you don’t really need a jumbo refrigerator, let alone two of them.

An open refrigerator full of food.
It’s not that easy to find what you need here


Are dishwashers kitchen appliances you could live without? First of all, you have to rinse the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. And by that time, you’re almost half-done washing the dishes. But even if it does make sense, the big question is – are dishwashers good for the environment? With handwashing, you can keep the water to a minimum. With electric dishwashing, that might not be an option. Also, it doesn’t really make sense to use the dishwasher in a household with 2 or fewer people.

Dishes on a dishwasher.
Does it all make sense or not?


Let’s start off by saying that microwave’s a very convenient appliance. And this is probably the opinion of anyone who’s used to using it. But what about the people that don’t have it? Most of them will tell you that they’re doing just fine. The thing is, it’s not that hard to replace it since you have a stove and a small oven. And microwave takes up a lot of useful space on the counter.


You know how when your headphones stop working, a year can go by until you get a new pair. And you were doing just fine without the headphones. Well, it’s the same case with the kitchen appliances you can live without, just like any other item. Stop and think if you’re life will be easier if you get rid of something you believe you need. Also, if you ever have to move out, you’ll see that it’ll be much simpler to create your moving checklist. But also, it’ll be easier to live your life with fewer things.

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