Moving from Florida to Hong Kong – 5 simple packing hacks

Preparing for international relocation is a big step. Your entire life will be different after moving. But first, you need to prepare for relocation and it takes time. Packing is part of every moving process. No matter if you are moving locally or long-distance, the packing will take most of the time. When moving from Florida to Hong Kong, packing all the household items may sound scary and hard. But with some tips, it does not have to be.

Reasons for moving from Florida to Hong Kong

What are the pros of living in Hong Kong and why people are moving there? What are the reasons? Here are some of them:

  • People are relocating from Florida to Hong Kong mostly because of job opportunities. Hong Kong is one of the most developed places in the world. Economy, tech, architecture, everything is booming.
  • Younger people are often moving to HK to get a high-quality education. Southeast Asia is known for great education opportunities and Hong Kong is included too, of course. International schools are excellent and students have great results.
  • A vibrant culture is something that attracts people from all around the world to come to HK. It offers an exhilarating blend of east and west and a mix of modern and traditional, at the same time. You can see traditional temples that are old hundreds of years and new skyscrapers. Also, it has beaches and national parks.
  • Because Hong Kong attracts people from everywhere, ex-pat communities are large.
  • Hong Kong is the springboard to Asia which means you need a short amount of time by plane to go to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Bali Japan, and Taiwan.
  • The transportation system is great. Commuting to work won’t be a problem for you because public transportation is one of the best. The city’s metro system is clean and reliable and buses and taxis are not that expensive.
  • The crime rates in Hong Kong are low despite having one of the most densely populated urban regions. It is one of the safest cities in the world.
  • HK is a big and urban city, but at the same time, it has around 70% of green spaces. You can enjoy here in outdoor activities. It also has more than 250 islands.
  • Getting a new experience is also an important factor. Moving to another part of the world is not an opportunity that everyone can get.
Hong Kong
HK has a lot to offer

How to pack for moving to Hong Kong?

Packing is taken very seriously when moving overseas. Those items will be carried a lot and they will travel for a couple of weeks. Usually, it takes around 10 days if they are shipped via sea. To have an organized long-distance relocation to Hong Kong, you should first make a checklist. It is easier to take one step at a time and to have a to-do list you can follow.

This way you won’t forget to pack anything when moving from Florida to Hong Kong. Also, packing is easier to handle when you have an order. Packing when moving long-distance, especially overseas to another continent takes more time than packing for moving locally or within the country. Here are 5 simple packing hacks you can try yourself.

#1 Get rid of some items

Some items are better to leave in Florida. You can sell or donate them. If you are not moving to HK for good, you can rent a storage unit in Florida and all your items will be there when you return. In some cases, it is cheaper to buy items in Hong Kong than to transport them overseas. For example, fridge, washing machine, TV, sound system, and large furniture.

#2 Pack important documents

Keep all the important documents in the same file. Make sure to have copies of all your documents. Also, keep all of them with you when traveling. Do not put documents in moving boxes. It is not safe and you will need some of the documents to travel such as a visa and passport.

A moving box.
Know how to pack

#3 Clothes

You can use vacuum bags to move your clothes. Pack some of the clothes in your handbag, just in case. After arriving in HK, you should have different clothing because the weather is not the same.

#4 Furniture and appliances

Learn how to protect your furniture during the move if you are moving it. Calculate what is more affordable for you – to move or not. If you don’t know the size of your apartment, think twice about packing your furniture.

#5 Packing medicines

Stock up on your prescriptions before moving abroad if you have therapy. Finding a doctor in HK immediately after moving is hard. When moving from Florida to Hong Kong, don’t throw away the prescriptions. Maybe you will need them at the airport.

How to transport items to Hong Kong?

Another problem to solve is the transportation of all your items from the USA to Hong Kong. For shipping overseas, you will need a professional company. How to find the best company for your needs? How to be sure that the company is reliable and reputable. This way causes a lot of stress when moving overseas, but you must start from somewhere.

Research movers and forwarders online

Get information about shipping costs on, know what can you move and what items you cannot move to another continent. Make sure the company has all the licenses for shipping overseas and a company must provide some type of insurance policy as well. 

Hong Kong
Adjust to life in HK

Talk to other American ex-pats in Hong Kong and get advice from them. Ask how did they move from the United States to Hong Kong and what company they recommended. Exp-pats communities can be also found online. There are many groups on social media profiles and forums.

Adjust to new life in HK after moving there

After moving from Florida to Hong Kong, it is time to adjust to a new culture. Even the language is different. A cultural shock is often and most ex-pats have problems adjusting at first. But, finding your community can be very helpful. Luckily for you, in Hong Kong, there are a lot of Americans. Many Floridians are living abroad, not only in this part of Asia but also in Europe, Africa, and South America.

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