Floridians living abroad recommend cities that feel like home

Nowadays, many Floridians are choosing to live outside of the USA. Some move because of love, some because of work, there’s a wide selection of different reasons why a person would move abroad. There are ones in search of cities that echo their hometowns in Florida. They’re the main point of this article. Luckily, we have their picks right here. We’ll show you some cities Floridians living abroad recommend, in the list below. Who would’ve thought there are so many places that resemble Florida around the world? Also, it’s not just the islands of the Caribbean or some parts of Latin America. There’s New Zealand to be found here, too. Stay tuned to find out which city.

San Jose, Costa Rica

We’ll start with the most obvious one. San Jose is a cultural, political, and economical center of Costa Rica. Let’s hear it from our ex-Floridian, Stephen (33). “I’ve been living in San Jose for almost three years now. The place is just amazing. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I can’t tell you how much I feel lucky to live here. Of course, the place is more affordable than my hometown, Miami, but it doesn’t lack anything. The nightlife’s awesome, maybe even wilder than in Miami. That’s not it. If you love Meso-American culture, this is the place to be. Folks in search of a more affordable Florida should definitively consider visiting San Jose, or maybe even moving here. San Jose was way above my expectations!” So, that was Stephen’s perspective of San Jose, Costa Rica.

A skyline of San Jose, Costa rica.
San Jose, Costa Rica is a more affordable version of southern Florida, as our pal Stephen says. According to him, locals are very friendly and hospitable.

Dunedin, New Zealand

Did you know there’s also a Dunedin in Florida? Their name is not the only thing they share. Our dear friend Lucy (23) will tell us why she has relocated to Dunedin (NZ) from Dunedin (FL). “I’ve always been the quirky type. When I told my friends I’m moving to Dunedin to continue my studies, they all looked at me like I was crazy or something. To be frank, I haven’t told them which country was I talking about. Anyway, we all laugh now at this anecdote. I’ve been here for almost a year. Both Dunedin’s are coastal cities and share a similar vibe. They both have a great alternative music scene. Although New Zealand’s Dunedin beats its Florida relative. Local people are reserved, but nevertheless willing to help. I’ve made some great friendships here.”

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Here we are with an obvious pick, again. This time we’ll hear from Camila (29), a digital nomad, as she calls herself. “I’ve used to travel a lot. Since I’m a freelance graphic designer, I can do my work from whatever country I chose. My plan was to stay for a few weeks in Santo Domingo. Next thing you know, I’m here for almost a whole year. It would’ve been this same without the prohibits made because of the pandemic. I just love it here. Its atmosphere is a lot like Miami metro area.” That was Camila’s short info on Santo Domingo. If you find any of the places we’ve mentioned so far quite attractive, don’t worry. Moving there should be easy with the right help. Living in Florida, you can always rely on specialists guaranteed to move you internationally without making you lose your hair over the relocation.

The capital of Dominican Republic.
You’re looking at the beautiful Dominican town, Santo Domingo. Camila, a digital nomad from Miami, says this one’s her pick.

Vancouver, Canada

This one might surprise you, but some folks find Vancouver a Florida-like town. David (41), a software engineer, will tell us more about the subject. “Well, the thing is: I’m not so sure anymore what I find so similar, now that you’ve asked. First of all: the weather is not the same. If you’ve never been to Vancouver, you’ve never experienced its sometimes endless, boring rain. I guess some folks find that relaxing or something, but it doesn’t get the job done for me. I guess there’s, without a doubt, one thing about Vancouver that makes me feel at home: it’s the people. I’ve been all around Florida during my adolescent years, and I’ve met people I still see every now and then. Locals are just amazing and they remind me of my childhood friends a lot.” Although it’s not a typical town Floridians living abroad recommend, we figured David’s description fits the criteria.

A skyline of Vancouver. One of Floridians living abroad recommends this town as place to be.
Some folks might find it hard to see some resemblances between Vancouver and Florida because of the weather. David says the people are similar, childishly friendly.

Nassau, Bahamas

Last but not least, we have Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Let’s hear it from Natalie (37). “I’ve been coming here as a tourist for almost my whole life. Three years ago I’ve made a decision to move to Nassau. Also, I’ve met my dear husband here. Now we’re both enjoying the Bahamas along with our two children. I have a feeling I haven’t moved that far, which is, in fact, true. I see this as a chilled-out Tampa, the place of my birth. There’s no need to overemphasize my happiness. Anybody who’s got a chance should move here. Nature here is overwhelming, you haven’t seen it anywhere like this, I can guarantee!” That was Natalie, an ex-resident of Florida. If you find Nassau intriguing enough, feel free to visit bestmoversinflorida.com, guys with experience in international moves. You’ll settle in Nassau without moving a muscle.

A quick recap

That was that. You’ve heard our correspondents. These were some of the places Floridians living abroad recommend. Some of those places you’ve probably thought of when you saw the title of the article. Anyway, we’re hoping some of these confessions, if we were to call them like that, were helpful to you. Relocating internationally is a tough task, so you’ll need helping hands. It’s safe to say that hiring professionals is the best thing you can do if you don’t want to get a couple of new grey hairs. There’s no other around it.

Thank you for reading. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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