Moving and Packing Tips for Businesses in Florida

Moving your business in Florida is just a difficult process as moving to a new home. You have to deal with big, bulky furniture, and hard to pack electronics. Plus, many rooms need to be packed up. Usually, you don’t have a whole lot of time to get it all done. You can’t shut down business for a week to sort things out. Business relocation is a lot of work, despite the size of your company. So, if you’re attempting to navigate one, follow these moving and packing tips for businesses in Florida. They can make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Moving and packing tips for businesses in Florida – Start planning early

Depending on your business size, and the number of people that are helping you move, you’ll probably want to start the moving and packing process as soon as possible. Sometimes, relocating a business includes more possessions than moving home do. Therefore, the process of moving and packing will take considerably more time. You can learn how to speed up the moving process in Florida, but don’t be a business owner that underestimates the time it takes to move. Optimize the organization by starting early. Use these moving and packing tips for businesses in Florida and save yourself the headache.

A young man is searching for some moving and packing tips for businesses in Florida.
Make sure you learn some moving and packing tips for businesses in Florida before you do anything.

Invest in packing supplies

Moving your business requires shuttling your commercial possessions in Florida. And if you need your business supplies transported to another address, you should know that this can be quite expensive. To keep your items organized, and in one piece, you have to invest in proper packing supplies. But, make sure you do this before beginning the process of moving and packing. Some of the essential packing supplies for business moving include:

  • Cardboard moving boxes. Make sure you have them in different sizes.
  • Bubble material or moving blankets. 
  • Packing tape.
  • Clear zip-locked bags.
  • Pens or markers for labeling.

Donate things

Moving your business is an excellent opportunity to downsize or upgrade. So, prepare your business and employees for relocationYour move is the perfect time to get rid of all those possessions that serve little to no purpose or essential items that need to be upgraded. Things like old phones, furniture, printers, copiers, PCs, and even stray business supplies are great for donation. This will save you from the hassle of packing and moving these items. But, you can also earn some extra money through a tax write-off. If you want to write off your donation, double-check which centers are registered charities.

Moving and Packing Tips for Businesses in Florida – Label

When you start to pack in earnest, the organization is crucial. One of the best ways to keep track of your items while packing is to label every box you use. So, you’ll quickly locate the items you need once you set up at your new location.

Also, labeling can be vital in keeping your possessions during your move. Especially if you’re hiring a moving company. Number your boxes and have a short description of their contents. This way, you can make a detailed claim in minutes if your movers lose or damage any of your possessions. But, if you hire professionals like State to State Move, you will not have to worry about these things.

Moving boxes
Proper labeling can save you lots of time when unpacking comes.

Pack computers correctly

If you learn how to pack your PCs correctly you don’t have to wonder how to save money on moving services in Florida? Computers are probably one of the most expensive and essential pieces of business equipment. So, to ensure their safety during the move, follow these packing tips:

  • Protect every PC individually with the proper packing material. Use heavy blankets that are wrapped in tape to cover computers. This will ensure a tight hold. Also, don’t stack computers on top of other items, or other items on top of them.
  • Make sure you wrap monitors. Wrap them separately in thick moving blankets, tape or bubble material. Do not put them in boxes where they can move around and break. Also, make sure that any tape you use doesn’t touch the monitor itself. That can damage the screen.
  • Safeguard data. There are some routes you can take to safeguard the data. But, the most reliable is to store it on a removable hard drive. Or you can use a cloud-based service to back up data before you move computers. 

Pack cables correctly

There’s nothing more frustrating or time-consuming than facing with disorganized cables at the end of a move. So, put your cables in large zip-locked bags and label them. Write the information about the specific computer they belong to the bag. The best time you can do this is after you learn how to create a moving checklist.

Also, read instructions and warning labels to follow any relocation-specific directions. Moving items improperly can result in damage especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Take care of your electronics in a proper way!

Take care of the furniture 

Common types of business furniture include seating, storage, and work surfaces. Here’s how to secure these items during a move. 

  • Seating. These items often have odd shapes. So, disassemble them whenever possible and wrap the fragile components. 
  • Storage. File cabinets and shelving units need to be packed with space in mind. Remove shelves if it’s possible, and fill them with light items to conserve space. Then tape file cabinet drawers shut, to prevent opening during a move. 
  • Work surfaces. Desks have all removable components that you should take out before loading in a moving truck. Tape non-removable drawers shut, and protect glass surfaces. If you can’t remove them, don’t stack objects on top of them. 

Moving and packing tips for businesses in Florida – Insure and invest 

Remember, regardless of how well you pack and move your business, accidents can happenSo, to protect your items in the event of an unforeseen complication, invest in insurance. In case you’re renting a truck, opt for rental insurance coverage. Also, if you’re hiring movers, pick the ones with insurance to protect your possessions. Check your items for guarantees as well because these can help protect your investments in the event of an accident. 

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