Staging your Florida household 101

It is time to sell your Florida home. Well, it is safe to say that you are in for an adventure. Of course, whenever you are trying to sell a property your only motivation is to get top dollar for it. Which is only natural. One of the ways to accomplish that is by staging your Florida household. Staging is in other words, highlighting the best qualities of your home. In a way, it is like putting on makeup. You want to stay recognizable and look like yourself, while you are trying to highpoint your best features. The same goes for staging.

Staging your Florida household on your own

Number one thing on your moving checklist is selling your home. The majority of homeowners cannot move on until they sell their current property. When selling property, there are professional stagers that you can hire to help you. However, we all know that sometimes our budgets prevent us from hiring professional assistance. So, here are a few easy and neat tricks that you can do to sell your place in record time.

Focus on the main rooms

When Staging your Florida household focus on the rooms that bring out the essence of your property. Usually, the rooms that you should pay the most attention to are the living room, master bedroom and of course the kitchen. Every other room can be considered as secondary. Especially if you are pressed for time, don’t waste it on rooms that are less significant for your property selling.

Bedroom with a large bed with dark frames and white sheets.
When staging your Florida household make sure your bed is always in tip-top shape.

It is time to remove your personal items

When potential buyers visit your home, they want to visualize their things in it. In order to do that, you must eliminate the majority of your personal items. Yet, don’t forget that your place needs to remain homey and charming. For instance, you should remove personal photos and personal items from visible surfaces. It might be hard to live in such a place until you sell. But, if your places sell quicker and for more money, it will be a small price to pay. The same way you will make a moving timetable, make a staging timetable or checklist. One of the first things on the table should be de-personalizing your place.

Having clutter all over the place is a big no-no

All the unused and unneeded junk has to go. What buyers want to see is as much space as possible. So, in order to make that happen, you must get rid of things that you do not need and do not use frequently. You might wonder how do you know if something is clutter? When staging your Florida household, if you do not need it on a daily basis, you need to move it. Also, be careful where you store it. Your buyers might check every inch of your place. Storage might be a great option until you sell. Especially for big and bulky items. If you are looking for a reliable storage provider visit

Everything needs to sparkle

During the selling process, you want your entire house to sparkle like a diamond. Every inch of the property must be clean and taken care of. Otherwise, you might give the buyers the impression that you neglect the property and they might be turned off buy it or they will offer a lower price for it. So, do not forget those places where dust tends to creep in. Like the blinds or the area behind large furniture.

Girl holding a mop and other cleaning supplies, while wearing yellow protection glasses.
Cleaning your home is the essentials part of staging.

Reposition your furniture

This part of staging your Florida household goes hand in hand with decluttering. If needed move your furniture around, so your place can be as spacious as possible. Maybe you have some pieces of furniture that are super handy to you, but they are in the way. Well, get rid of them or put them temporarily in storage. Remember, you are not trying to comfort your needs, but appeal to somebody else’s. After all, having things in storage is a great way to save money on moving services in Florida. You might be able to avoid relocation to your new place.

Repair every single thing that needs attention

It is important not to take lightly any crack or holes that need your attention. So, fix that cheeped paint or broken wooden floors. Not only do buyers like to see a clean property, but they also want to know that it has been well maintained. Even if they see the slightest imperfection, they can get the wrong idea.

The first impression is everything

When buyers arrive at your property, the first thing that they will see is your front yard or the door to your apartments. Believe it or not, their initial impression can make or break your sale. Make sure that the exterior of the house is presentable. Staging your Florida household inside, will not mean much if the outside is a mess. Make sure your lawn looks like a beautiful green carpet and that your windows sparkle.

Brown house with a front lawn that has a path placed in the middle which leads to the front entrance of the house.
Keep your yard clean and simple. Buyers will find it irresistible.

Hire professionals to move you out

During the sale of your property, you will be quite preoccupied and stressed. It is a long process that will take a toll on you sooner or later. Once you have sold your property you will naturally have to move out. Our advice is to at least spare yourself from that stress and hire moving professionals to do it for you. A great tactic would be to save money by obtaining a precise moving estimate in FL. What you need is a quick and no mass, no fuss move. A professional moving company will make it happen for you.

Staging your Florida household will take up some of your time and some extra cash. However, ultimately the rewards will overpower the initial hassle. If you are an eager property seller don’t wait any longer. Start staging your property, so you can get the best possible amount for it.

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