Is Tampa, FL right for you

Florida is a beautiful state. There are many vacation-worthy cities in it so that makes it a little bit more difficult when it comes to choosing a place to live. And on the shortlist of cities that are a possible choice, you probably have Tampa already. Or you had in the past, and now you just aren’t sure is Tampa, FL right for you. Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

Now, it’s worth to mention that living in Tampa comes with some concessions. But every other place does also if you think about it. However, things that bother people the most seem to be a flat landscape and annoying traffic. Also, Tampa is often referred to as lightning capital so you know what you can expect here.

On the other hand, the weather is usually fantastic. The temperatures are nice and the city boasts with charm. So, if you are ready to agree to some compromises, maybe Tampa is right for you.

Is Tampa, FL right for you – Basic facts

So, as you probably already know, Tampa is not a small city and is part of an area that has around 3 million residents. However, the city itself has just around 380,000 people living in it. Now, the weather. To clarify from the beginning, Tampa is often threatened by hurricanes during the season, but it rarely suffers any damage from them. Last time that occurred it was 1921.

It is a family-friendly town so you would expect it to have lots of parks in it. And indeed there are. There are 165 beaches and parks combined just within the city limits. Also, many other attractions such as Adventure Island, Zoo Tampa, and Florida Aquarium are available.

However, not everything is that nice here. When it comes to the cost of living, a four-person family will need around $3,500 just for living expenses. And that’s with the housing excluded. And while we’re on the subject, house prices are going up due to the rise in demand and limited supply. This makes it pretty much a tie when it comes to living expenses in the New York vs Florida battle.

A line of trees.
If contact with nature plays an important role when you’re deciding is Tampa, FL right for you, you’ll be amazed by its parks.

What to do if you want to leave Tampa?

When you put it in that perspective, for some people a city like New York sure makes more sense than Tampa. And there’s nothing wrong with deciding that the time is come to settle down somewhere else. However, try not to rush your decision. Make sure to choose what you’re going to do cold-headed and calm. And if the decision is the same, stick with it. Find your desired apartment in a new city, call your chosen movers on time to avoid all the fuss, and enjoy your new beginning.

Tampa jobs

There are many companies operating in Tampa. However, if you expect something fancy, we’re not sure that is┬áTampa, FL right for you. Positions that you’ll find available most of the time are in supermarkets, restaurants, health, and financial industries. Another big portion of the city’s economy is Tampa port which handles near the half of the state’s commerce on the sea. It also serves as a port for cruise ships which makes tourism a relevant part of Tampa’s economy also. An average monthly salary that you can expect is around $3,500. If that fulfills your expectations, these are the best neighborhoods in Tampa for young professionals.

A woman thinking is Tampa, FL right for you.
Calculate how much money you will need and decide if you’re going to be comfortable with what you can earn in Tampa.

Public transport

When it comes to getting around the city the things are how you would expect them to be. There is the TECO Streetcar that will get you from Ybor City to Channelside Bay plaza in the shortest amount of time possible. There are also more than two hundred busses buzzing around the city also. If your preferred transport is via train, Amtrak will get you anywhere you need to go.

If you want to drive your car around, you can. And it can be useful to have a car here for grocery shopping and things like that. However, professionals from Best Cross Country Movers tell us that traffic can really get awful during certain hours. And being stuck in the traffic jam is not what you want to do with your free afternoon.

On the other hand, if you like to walk you will love it here. An interesting thing is that Tampa is an official Guinness World record holder. It has the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. It is called Bayshore Boulevard and it is four and a half miles long.


Now, for all the parents out there this will be the most important thing in the world. If you’re moving to Tampa with your family you want to know that your children will get the best education possible. Therefore you’ll be glad to hear that school districts are large and diverse. For college students, there are numerous options. And for younger ones, there’s Hillsborough County School District. It’s the eighth largest in the country and it has a great network developed already. This all means that your children will have a lot of resources at their disposal, and learning will be as ideal as it can be.

Kids learning.
Tampa has a great education system so you won’t have to worry about schools for your children.

Is Tampa, FL right for you – Conclusion

There are many things to consider when trying to decide is Tampa, Fl right for you. However, now you have all the information that you need to decide for yourself. If the types of jobs that you can find here are right, and if the salary is okay for you, why not? We’ve established that this is a beautiful city with many things to offer. Music festivals, quality beaches, and a lot of amazing parks. On the other hand, traffic really can be a disaster and it can get a little bit stressful during the hurricane season. But if you don’t mind occasional thunderbolts, maybe it is your place from dreams.

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