How to pack kids’ toys for a move?

It is time to move! You know what that means. Everything that you and your family own must be packed and shipped away. Sometimes the simplest items can present a challenge during packing. One of those challenges will be to pack kids’ toys. Since they are all different shapes and sizes you will catch yourself in a packing pickle. However, with just a few simple pieces of advice, you can master this process without breaking a sweat. Here are a few tips that will help you during this adventure.

Pack kids’ toys with simple packing supplies

A great way to save money on moving services is to pack your stuff on your own. Of course, your kids’ things are no exception. They cannot be left behind. During this type of packing make sure you use the following packing supplies:

  • Cardboard moving boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Markers

Not all packing supplies must be new, but it must be in good condition. The last thing you want is for your kid to arrive at their new home, only to discover that their toys are shattered.

Size does matter

You want to pack kids’ toys as best as you can. Surely, you know how much they mean to your children. No wonder this task is present on your moving checklist. To make the proper packing decision, categorize all toys into three groups: small toys, large toys, and fragile toys.

Small toys packing

Small toys, such as small cars, and similar things, should be first wrapped in tissue paper. Once that is done, take a cardboard box and layer it with packing paper. All the wrapped toys can be packed in the box. In the end, fill in the free space in the box with crunched paper.

Small toy car placed on a map.
Small cars are a great example of small toys that need to be wrapped in tissue paper before being packed into moving boxes.

Large toys packing

Packing large toys is very similar to packing small toys. The only difference is that large toys do not need to be prewrapped in tissue paper before placing them into the box. Everything else should stay the same. Once you pack all the boxes, both with small and large toys, tape the boxes. Your last step is to label the boxes. Label them as toys or kids’ room.

Pack kids’ toys that are fragile

When packing toys that are breakable use extra tissue paper when packing or add some bubble wrap to the equation. The rest of the process is pretty much the same as when packing small toys. The focus is on additional layering and cushioning. This way the toys will have an extra layer of protection during transportation.

pack kids' toys that are fragile with care, just like these chalk bricks put in a little metal bucket that has been knocked over.
Some toys need extra attention during packing because of their fragile nature. Wrap them in additional paper or bubble wrap.

Professional packers

In the end, if you decide that you prefer not to pack kids’ toys on your own you can always hire professional movers. Moving companies offer packing services. This way you will know that this task is in great and experienced hands. For such services visit

Whatever your choice may be, to pack kids’ toys on your own or with professional assistance, make sure a few toys are left out of the packing process. During your relocation, your kids will be happy to have some toys by their side. After all, everything we do is to make our kids happy.

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