Top 7 the least crowded cities in Florida

Finding a safe and quiet place is tough in most places nowadays. However, in some more popular ones, such as Florida, it seems impossible. However, this is mostly because of the well-marketed cities that give off a very wild and fun yet very unsettling vibe at the same time. If you’re someone who’s not into busy places, you’re in luck. Here are the least crowded cities in Florida.

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Top 7 the least crowded cities in Florida

Although most people think of partying and letting loose in Florida, that’s not always the case. Many move to Florida because they want to wind down, relax, and have a peaceful life. We’ve gathered a list of cities that are the least crowded in Florida. These cities are also considered to be quite safe and have fairly low crime rates.

1. Winter Springs

Winter Springs is a great place to live in Florida that’s not at all crowded. In addition, it’s very safe and it holds the 97th best place to live in the whole of the United States.

2. Naples

Many consider Naples to be a coastal paradise. It’s an incredibly charming place with a traditional glow that would win over almost anyone that sets foot there.

A house in Naples, one of the least crowded places in Florida.
Naples is one of Florida’s least crowded places.

3. Cooper City

One of the biggest perks of this non-crowded city in Florida is that it’s very close to Miami. This means that you can visit it any time you miss the noise and fun of a bigger place.

4. Lynn Haven

Lynn Haven has become one of the least crowded places in Florida, if it weren’t already before, due to Hurricane Micheal. People are friendly and it’s close to the ocean. It has great historical value and people consider it a nice place to live.

5. Niceville

Niceville, as the name alone states, has been ranked as the ninth most liveable place in Florida. Even though it’s not crowded, it has a lot of fun family-friendly activities.

6. Wellington

Apart from being very beautiful, Wellington offers residents a fine suburban feel and most of them own their homes. Move here with your family.

7. Safety Harbor

This non-crowded city in Florida offers an abundance of outdoor activities and friendly residents. It’s cheaper than the US average and quite safe.

Safety Harbor from a distance that is one of the less crowded places in Florida.
Safety Harbor is a beautiful, safe, and peaceful place.

Purchase a home in one of these least crowded places in Florida

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Florida in one of the least crowded cities there, that’s great. Nonetheless, make sure to have a full grasp of all that that’ll entail.

Long-distance relocation to one of the least crowded cities in Florida

Deciding to move to one of the less crowded cities in Florida sound incredibly exciting. However, it’s also a lot of work. For this reason, make sure to hire the right moving crew to easily move to any part of the state. Once you finish all the paperwork and technical parts, you can relax and enjoy your stay fully.

Other honorable mentions

  • Marco Island
  • Weston
  • Key Biscayne
  • Parkland
  • St. Cloud

Apart from the aforementioned top 7 the least crowded cities in Florida, these are also worth the mention.

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