From the Granite State to Florida: how to organize a move in only 5 days

If you wonder how to organize a move on short notice, you are in the right place. Organizing moves is a stressful process that is always packed full of surprises. We would always recommend that you start as early as possible, but in some cases that is impossible. But there is no need to worry because it can be done in a short period. So let’s get on with organizing a move from the Granite State to Florida in only 5 days!

Create a checklist

When organizing a move to any of the family-friendly cities in Florida, it is very helpful to have a checklist that will help you keep track of your progress and your tasks. Having any sort of a checklist will also be helpful with keeping your mind at ease and getting you to your goal without any miss-steps.

Checklist helps with how to organize a move.
Having a checklist will make it easier to stay organized!

DIY or Professional Movers

The second step that you need to take to organize a successful move is deciding on whether you will do it alone or with the help of professionals. In this case, since you need to organize a state-to-state move in 5 days, we would strongly recommend you to have specialists by your side. DIY is a great option if you have time to spread the work across a couple of weeks. But, since you have little time, professional movers are the way to go.

Creating a timeline

Since moving is a complicated process, you will need to split the work. By splitting the work into a couple of different parts that you will do over 5 days, the process becomes easier. This will also help you keep on track and ensure that you will be ready on moving day. If you need insight on how to organize a move or assistance, you can always ask your movers to help you out, they will be happy to do this.

Sorting items

Moving from Granite State to Florida is a great opportunity to declutter. Since New Hampshire is not very close to Florida, the moving costs can be greatly reduced by decluttering. You can donate some items or organize a quick garage sale. Deciding on what you will take with yourself and what will you leave behind is challenging, but in the end, it is very helpful. When packing, make sure to protect your furniture and label everything!

Dog in a box
Before you start filling all of your boxes, make sure to get rid of the items you don’t need.

Packing time!

If you have no time to pack you can always hire a reputable mover like to help you pack and move your items for you. Just make sure to take all of your valuable items with you. That way your valuables will be safe if anything goes wrong during the move.

Keeping on track

By utilizing your checklist and a timeline you will be able to keep on track easily, but stress can get to even the best of us. So, learn how to organize a move, breathe, and stay focused. Moving is a stressful process and you need to think about the positive sides of moving to help reduce stress. New adventures are waiting for you in Florida, embrace them and stay strong!

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