The ultimate tenant move out checklist

Moving out from an apartment is a stressful period, as there is a lot to think about. Packing, moving out, transporting items, finding the new place, etc. – all of these moving tasks can make you feel overwhelmed and you can easily forget something important. Moving out in a hurry is a common scenario, where both tenants and landlords need to be careful to respect each other in the process. For that reason, we created a comprehensive move-out checklist for tenants, to help you get out of an apartment without any issues left behind. Let’s start!

Start looking for the new home

If you already haven’t got a new address, start looking for one as early as possible. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a home that fulfills all your needs, so start the search on time to make sure you are moving to the perfect apartment or house. If you’re already used to the neighborhood and commute routes, look for a place that’s close to your current location. There are several benefits of moving to a home nearby :

  • all the relocation-related things are easy if your new place is near;
  • moving costs are lower;
  • you won’t have to change your commute routine a lot;
  • you can still stay close to your favorite neighbors or friends living nearby.
A landlord handing down keys to a tenant
Your new home should meet your requirements and needs, so start your search on time.

Get your deposit back

One of the main things on the move-out checklist should be taking care of your deposit. You can begin the process of evaluating the apartment when you decide to move and see how much of your deposit you can get back. Check for all the damage and deterioration that happened while you stayed at the apartment. Then, talk to your landlord and see what amount of the damage is their responsibility, and what is the amount that will be deducted from the deposit.

Contact the new landlord

Call the new landlord and discuss some important things such as the moving day, picking up keys, parking information, utilities, etc. Also, be sure to know the moving date and time accurately, so you can organize the move in detail.

Find a reputable moving company and set the moving date

Once you find out when your new apartment will be available, find a reliable moving company to relocate your items. It’s best you contact a company that specializes in Florida moves, as well as other states – check out Big Man’s Moving Company as one of the most professional options. To schedule a moving team, make sure you know all the details of your move – time and date, approximate estimate, and both old and new address. This will help you get an estimate you can use to plan the moving budget.

A person getting a key as one of the tasks on a move out checklist
Your moving day should be easy and stress-free – which is possible only if you plan it well.

Set up the utilities

One of the things to put on the tenant move out checklist is setting up utilities in your new home. It’s best to talk to your landlord, contact the utility company, and schedule the utilities according to the date of your arrival. Some of the companies let you move your utilities from one address to another, so ask if they can do that for you. That’s how you won’t be out of power, tv, or internet for days, but will have everything set up the moment you move in. Now, once you’re all set up – start packing for your new home!

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