What it’s really like to move from Florida to NYC

Moving from state to state is a process. You need to prepare, organize, pack, move, look for a new home, hire movers, etc. You have lived in Florida and now it is time to move to another place. If you are going to move from Florida to NYC, you should know exactly what is like.

Did you choose a place in NYC where you want to live?

First of all, NYC has 5 boroughs and each one of them has a lot of different and unique neighborhoods. When moving out of state choosing the right location is one of the most important things. If you already have a job offer, you will probably live near the future office. But, if you are still looking for a job, you will probably change a couple of apartments. People in NYC are moving often within the city. It is part of a lifestyle there.

Pros and cons of living in NYC

Why should you move from Florida to NYC? What this amazing city has to offer to its residents?

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Why should you move to NYC and why you shouldn’t?

NYC is a city with a population of almost 9 million which makes it one of the densest cities in the USA. What are the reasons for moving here? Why do so many folks want to live in New York City or to visit it?

  • Land of opportunities
  • Exposure to the arts and history
  • It is a diverse place
  • Networking and social scene
  • Always something to do
  • The food scene is incredible
  • Fashion scene
  • The best public transportation system
  • This city never sleeps

On the other hand, living in NYC has disadvantages too, like any other city in the world. Before you move there, you should be aware of the cons. Know all the facts first and explore NYC.

  • High costs of living
  • Rent is too high
  • For Florians, winters are too cold
  • Loud and crowded
  • It is not easy to find an apartment
  • A strong competition

How to move from Florida to NYC

How to prepare, how to relocate? Moving long-distance can be scary and hard but on the other hand, when you have some guide to follow, it may be easier.

Leaving Florida for NY is a big change

Make a moving checklist

When moving, people are excited and stressed out in most cases. Because of that, it is easy to forget something to do or to pack. Make a checklist for moving to NYC or if you want to save time,  you can download it online. Write down everything that needs to be done before and after moving as well.

Hire a moving company

Moving from state to state by yourself is not recommended if you do not have any experience. This is why you should consider hiring a moving company to move you from Florida to New York fast and easily. Start searching for a company online and ask friends for some recommendations. One of them can be found on movage-moving.com, but it is highly recommended to contact a couple of companies and compare their services and prices.

Find an apartment in NYC

Housing costs in New York City are very high, especially in Manhattan. Rent is expensive, one of the most expensive in the USA and also, it is not easy to find an apartment because demand is high. Immediately after finding a place you like, reserve it for yourself. Don’t waste time because, in just a couple of days, you can lose that apartment.

Renting a storage unit

Besides high rents, apartments are usually small. Also, most people cannot afford to live in big apartments in NYC and they often need a roommate. Where all those people are storing items when apartments are small? A great option for excess stuff is a storage unit in NYC. Rent for a storage facility is more affordable than renting a bigger home.

Street in New York City.
NYC streets are busy but also fun

Adjust after moving to New York City

After moving to NYC from Florida, you will see what it is really like to live here. It should pass months to adjust to life in NYC after coming from warm and affordable Florida. How to adjust? Are there some tips and tricks that may be helpful to you and a newcomer?

  • Download local apps – apps will help you to find the closest metro station, delivery services, you can use moving apps as well, etc. These apps will make your life easier even if you know the city already.
  • Find your new favorite spot in the city – to feel like you are home, find a favorite spot in NYC. It can be a coffee shop where you are a regular guest, a restaurant, a park, etc.
  • Try new things – after a move from Florida to NYC, say yes to things you have never tried before or seen before. Go out with your new co-workers and friends, NYC is a fun place. That is why people from all around the world are coming to visit it.
  • Meet new people – people are social and they need other people to hang out with. Being alone in a big city can be very depressive and it will take more time for you to adjust.

It is fun to move to another state and to see new things

Especially if you are young and looking for adventure. A move from Florida to NYC can be exhausting and stressful but at the same time, it can be fun and exciting. Besides the fact that you should be emotionally prepared for Florida to NYC relocation, there are some other things you must finish when moving. Moving from the southern part of the USA to the northern part is a big change, but after a while, you will get used to a new lifestyle. The weather and costs of living will be the biggest shock for you probably after moving. So, take every aspect of your destination into account before you start to pack for the move.

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