Moving to NYC? The ultimate moving checklist is right here

Are you planning on moving to NYC? This guide will help you do that! Make sure that your NYC moving list includes everything you need for such a relocation, and together we are going to explore what you exactly need to move to The Big Apple!

Make sure that you are ready to move

You need to make sure that you are ready to move to New York. Many people talk about moving to NYC, but not a lot of them actually do that. Fear is usually what is holding people from moving. So, make sure that you are ready for such a step.

NYC panorama with skyscrapers.
Moving to New York can be exciting and easy if you have a proper moving checklist!

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until you feel ready. Challenge your emotions and walk bravely to the new segment of your life!

Plan your relocation weeks in advance

A timely and good moving organization is half the relocation. Without it, you cannot move properly, especially to such a large city like NYC. This is why it is so important to plan your move ahead, even weeks in advance if you can.

Before the move, you have to take care of a lot of things. From hiring a good moving company and getting a storage unit, to calculating your moving budget and taking care of insurance, all of this has to be preplanned during the move organization.

Organize a moving budget

When you are calculating a moving budget for moving to NYC, make sure to include some money for unexpected situations. If you hire a good moving company, chances of something going wrong are minimal, but the chance is still there. So, make sure to have enough money to cover unexpected situations, as moving insurance doesn’t cover everything, especially if you opt for a basic one.

Also, your moving budget plan naturally has to include the cost of hiring a moving company, storage expenses, and packing supplies’ cost. We are going to explore those things in the rest of this guide.

Get some packing materials

As we said, your moving budget has to include the cost of packing supplies. No relocation is imaginable without them, and more often than not, they are quite easy to get. Usually, all you have to do is to venture to the supermarket in your vicinity and get the materials you need.

A person dealing with boxes before moving to NYC.
Moving to NYC without proper packing materials is never advisable.

But what do you need?

  • A packing tape. This packing material is used to secure your moving boxes and items when they are on the road. A packing tape is usually quite affordable, and you can get it almost anywhere.
  • A sticky tape. Sticky tape is always useful when it comes to preparing a relocation. Make sure to have enough of it so you don’t have to run to the store every time you run out of it. And trust us, you’ll need it!
  • Get a marker or something you can write with. Markers are great for labeling what goes where and to notify your movers how to handle a moving container in question. Make sure to write ‘fragile’ on items that can easily break, and ‘this side up’ to notify movers about the placement of a moving container.
  • Some kind of protective material. Professional moving companies usually use plastic beans or some kind of padding to prevent fragile and important items from damages. Make sure to fill the containers with plastic bins before you close them.
  • Plastic bins. Plastic bins are maybe the best moving containers out there. They are sturdy, unbreakable, and transparent, which means that they are an easy way to organize your household and items you plan to move. You can get some good and cheap plastic bins online, as supermarkets and stores tend to overprice them.

Make sure to get in touch with a good moving company

Our friends from Capital City Bins NYC told us that moving without the help of a reliable and professional moving company is not a wise move. It is important that you find a moving company that moves people in and out of New York City, and one that has a good reputation.

You can search for moving companies in New York online before moving to NYC. That way you’ll be presented with a huge choice of moving companies in the city. Make sure to do a background check on a moving company and look at their reviews.

It would be a good idea to get in touch with the moving company months in advance. New York City is a popular place, and movers there are often unavailable. This is why you should schedule your move at least a month and a half in advance.

Find a good stage solution

Sure, New York City sits on a huge area, but that area is populated with millions of people! This means that the lack of space is a real problem for New Yorkers, and this is why many of them have their own personal storage unit.

A girl taking a picture of NYC.
Make sure to check out and explore New York as it deserves to be!

Before you move to NYC, we recommend that you get a storage unit for yourself, as well as quality storage bins, at least until you settle down properly. Make sure to use sturdy plastic bins for belongings in your unit so you can keep extra items out of the way safely.

Enjoy the NYC

New York City is one of the most popular places in the world for a good reason. This world-class metropolis has everything one needs in life. Many New Yorkers haven’t even stepped out of the City. This is how huge New York is!

Make sure to visit some important places in your borough to get the feel of the place you are living in. Explore places and find new people you can hang out with. It is no a small thing to move to New York, especially if you are relocating to NYC from a far-away place like Florida. Moving to NYC is stressful enough, so make sure to relax after the relocation!

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