What it takes to move from California to Florida in less than two weeks

In case you need to move from California to Florida in a hurry, we are here to share some tips and tricks. Also to show you who can help you out and speed things up. But first, it’s important to relax a bit. You can not do anything if you are all over the place. Two weeks’ notice is not great but it’s manageable. Especially if you get some help. Even with the kids. So, relax now and read this.

One day before you start packing

Call your friends to help you out and declutter your home. Get rid of all unnecessary items. Some will be for recycling, some you might be even able to sell or donate. This is an important step because it will speed up the packing and make unpacking much easier later on when you arrive in Florida. And, with a little bit of help from good friends and some music, it can be done in just one day!

Think ahead

Since you need to move from California to Florida (which is not an easy task by itself) in less than two weeks think about hiring movers. You can do it on your own of course but professional movers can do it better and quicker than you can since this is their job and that is what they do every day. You might want skilled people by your side to help you make everything go smoothly. This can be a solution for all your problems with this relocation so, consider this option.

Download moving apps to help you with your move from California to Florida

This is not some big solution to all your problems but it might help and it’s free! There are a lot of useful moving apps available nowadays that you can download for free. They can help you with checklists, planning, preparations, you can make reminders and so many more things. Since most of them are free why not give it a go?

finding moving app to help during the move from California to Florida.
Take a look at moving apps that can be useful for your upcoming relocation to Florida.

Things you need to do before you start packing

There are a lot of things you need to do before packing and here are some examples:

  • go to the doctor’s office and get all your medical history
  • if you have kids you need to do the same with their medical history
  • in case you are bringing pets you need to take your pet to the vets and see what you need to prepare your pet for relocation and if you need to do something else like additional vaccinations and such
  • make sure to notify everyone who needs to know about your new address
  • prepare kids for relocation

The last one can be tricky but if you have babies or toddlers it will be easy. Older ones can be problematic but those are your kids. You know the best way to approach this. Just make sure to validate their feeling even though they might differ from yours.

One week before relocation (or sooner if you get the chance)

Make sure to talk to movers and schedule the relocation. This can be short notice for some companies but there are movers like SOS Moving who don’t really mind. They can deal with short notices. The important thing is to talk to them and to tell them exactly what you need from them. If you need the whole package or just heavy lifting. Make yourself clear and they will be able to give you a moving estimate. That way you can plan your budget ahead.

Professional movers loading a moving truck
Let movers deal with heavy lifting instead of you.

Packing for your move from California to Florida

Now that moving app can be handy. Start by packing breakables first. Make sure to use bubble wrap or packing paper in order to protect them. Then you can get with the rest easily. If you have older kids make sure to include them in packing as well. That can speed up the process and they will feel more grown-up and responsible. That’s a win-win situation for you. When it comes to packing tips we suggest you pack by room and label every box. Write down what each box contains. That way you will know and easily unpack when the time comes for that, and it will. Sooner than you think.

packing for the move from California to Florida
Pack everything by room since that way will be easier to unpack later on.

Moving day

Since everything was a bit rush this day might feel overwhelming. But that is only natural you are moving from one state to another and it is going to be a big change. That might be very good for you and your family, it’s just a matter of making this work – now. The best tip we have for this day is to prepare yourself accordingly. You have a long way ahead of you (even if you are traveling by airplane) so make sure that you have everything you need with you and not packed in those moving boxes along with other things. Your documents, meds, keys, and such need to be with you all the time. Snacks, a spare set of clothes, drinks, and wet wipes are also very welcome and can be quite helpful.

Relax and take a deep breath

Once again those moving apps we mentioned might come in handy. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your move from California to Florida you can use those apps to your advantage. Most of them have some sort of stress relief. Some can help you with meditations, some to get a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t really matter. You can easily find a different app just to help you to relax and take your mind off all the work you just did and the work you need to do when you arrive at your new destination – Florida. Good luck and remember soon enough you will be in your new home and all of this will be just an adventure.

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