West Coast cities people from Florida love going to

Florida is a great place for living and an even better for vacationing. But a lot of people from Florida love traveling to other parts of the country when it comes to vacation. There are plenty of beautiful places to choose from in the United States when it comes to where to go on vacation. You can choose from plenty of lakes, mountains, cities, villages, farms. The options are endless which makes making the decision on where to go hard. Especially when thinking about traveling to the West Coast. This means traveling to another part of the continent if traveling from Florida. This is why you probably want to choose the best place out of many of them. So, we decided to write this guide on West Coast cities people from Florida love going to. This will surely help you make a decision on where to go.

Sierra Madre

The first of many West Coast cities would surely be Sierra Madre. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of California. People who come to Sierra Madre fall in love with the place and hence why a lot of people are relocating to this amazing place. And if you decide to do the same, the locals can help you settle in.

Sierra Madre is a part of Los Angeles.

Sierra Madre is a city in Los Angeles County which is exactly what attracts a lot of people here. There are plenty of things to see here. But the closeness to downtown LA is probably the biggest advantage of visiting or living in Sierra Madre. People from Florida love coming here as you can find a place to stay for not a lot of money. This is an amazing place to live in but there are things you’ll miss about Tampa if you move there.

San Clemente

The second city people from Florida love going to is San Clemente This is a lovely city in Orange County. Moving here with goodneighborsmoving.com is a possibility too. This is a beautiful coastal city. Not too little, not too big. There are a couple of lovely beaches and plenty of things you could do while visiting the city.

There are dozens of amazing coastal cities but San Clemente is one of the most beautiful ones.

If you decide to move to San Clemente from Florida, you have to do it like a professional. All of it. From planning to packing and then moving. This would be a very long-distance relocation which is why you need to be prepared for it well.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is the last but definitely not the least on our list. Santa Barbara is located more to the north of California and it is another city located on the coast. There are plenty of parks here as well as a zoo. Beautiful beaches are easy to be found as all of them are beautiful and clean. There are dozens of local shops, bars, and restaurants in Santa Barbara. It is costly though which is why a lot of elderly move away from California to Florida.

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